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17 smart home technology offers for Memorial Day (2021): Roku, smart accessories, etc.



If you are still not sure what to look for, please check our guide The best soundbar And in Which Roku is right for you.

Amazon Roku Streaming Stick+ for $39 ($10 off), the goal: This selling price is quite common for Streaming Stick, but it is still the best price. For most people looking for a new streaming media device, this is our choice. It is directly plugged into the HDMI port of the TV, and the second cable is plugged into the USB port for power supply. Dual-band Wi-Fi has a wider range and can connect to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks-this is especially convenient for apartment residents, as many nearby Wi-Fi networks may interfere with your signal.

Amazon Roku Streambar is priced at $99 ($30 off), the goal: Streambar is a very powerful mini soundbar with built-in Roku. It is very compact, only 14 inches long, so it should fit most people’s TV settings.

Roku Ultra $69 at Amazon ($31 off), the goal: The updated Ultra is more expensive than most options other than the Roku soundbar, but it has more powerful Wi-Fi and Dolby Vision streaming capabilities. It also has an Ethernet port and is equipped with earplugs. When you want to be quiet, you can plug in the remote control for private or night viewing.

Amazon Roku Express HD $25 ($5 off), the goal: If you have a standard HD TV, this is a very good Roku. It has basic Roku products, no extra features such as voice search, and the remote control cannot control the power or volume of the TV.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K is priced at $40 ($10 off), the goal: If you can’t tell, we Prefer Roku, But if you are an Amazon fan, you should like 4K Fire Stick. It works well, but remember that the menu is mainly for Amazon Prime content.

Electric toothbrush sale

Philips Sonicare children

Photo: Philips

See our guide Favorite electric toothbrush Before deciding.

Philips Sonicare Children’s Edition, the current price of 40 US dollars (10 US dollars off): Our child tester likes to use a brush to let her brush her teeth for two minutes. She doesn’t like kids-only apps, but your kids might like them.

Wal-Mart Oral-B Pro 1000 electric toothbrush, now at $45 ($5 off), Amazon: This is a classic toothbrush without all the smart functions, which can be overwhelming when you just want to clean your teeth. This is not the biggest discount, but it is still a good brush.


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