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9 best portable grills (2021): charcoal, propane, electric, infrared



Do you know what is cooler than barbecue? A mobile phone that can double as a fire pit, can charge the phone, and can bid through Bluetooth. FirePit by BioLite All these and more.

FirePit is a stylish, portable mesh box with movable legs, hibachi-style grill and trash can. Biolite recently released FirePit+ for $250, It has made some subtle design adjustments to improve airflow, and is equipped with a larger battery that can run the built-in fan for 30 hours at low power. Like its predecessor, the new model uses a Bluetooth-compatible app to precisely control the airflow, which in turn controls your cooking temperature.Please be sure to read through my colleague Adrienne So Full review More details of the original model, but I set out to study its grilling method, and the answer was: very good.

Although I mainly use wood for testing, it burns wood or charcoal. Using the right wood (since this is the wood that grows around my home, I used oak and walnut), FirePit may produce the best flavor of any grill here. The main disadvantage of using it as a grill is its size.It’s big enough to cook four, but it’s long and narrow, which can make some things awkward (I suggest you do not Try the whole chicken). It is most suitable for barbecue grills. Think about “great food”.

The best thing about FirePit is that after dinner, you can put down the fuel rack and turn it into a fire pit.

BioLite’s Firelite+ is priced at $250 with king.

Best fake incognito option

Prime Kamoto ($160)

Photo: Primus

This is my newbie quick start charcoal grill. I still like the Weber above, but Kamoto has an advantage in terms of portability. It collapsed to store the unit. The large version I tested measures about 15 inches by 20 inches. Once expanded, it is large enough to hold a 16-inch long log (or charcoal) with a cooking surface of 255 square inches. For our family of five, it was big enough to hold burgers and vegetables. After cooking, Kamoto will double as a fire pit, which is very convenient for camping sites (such as beaches) where the ground is not allowed to catch fire.

The compact design makes it easy to carry and leaves a lot of extra luggage space, but I am not crazy about the grill surface itself. This is a thin metal grill, and I found that severely marinated meat sticks to the meat better than wider and thicker grill bars. On the bright side, asparagus will not fall into the coal.


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