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According to reports, Elon Musk’s boring company is building a freight tunnel



Boring company Commuter-oriented tunnel It hasn’t fully become popular yet, so Elon Musk’s equipment seems ready to change direction. edge report that Bloomberg have obtain It is talking about the Boring Company’s asphalt platform, which focuses on the freight-centric tunnel, which is 21 feet wide, almost twice the size of the 12-foot tunnel the company has dug so far. Documents show that they are wide enough to place two containers side by side, one of which fits closely with the existing tunnel.

The goods will sit on the “battery-powered freight carrier” on the final mobile shelf.

It is not clear how many potential customers are receiving this kind of publicity, although San Bernardino County in California is said to be one of them. According to reports, Boring Company hopes to stimulate interest in freight tunnels in order to reduce traffic on roads around the area. It will realize the “inland port” concept that the company has explored for decades.

Strictly speaking, this is not a new effort. The Boring Company envisioned freight almost from the beginning, and frequent competitor Virgin Hyperloop has long considered freight to be Key part of its plan. This is more like a shift in focus than a shift, albeit of great significance.

The rethink seems to be in response to a cold reaction to The Boring Company’s commuter plan.Musk’s entrepreneurship Abandoned plan After the Los Angeles Tunnel filed a lawsuit for environmental impact in 2018, the company has begun to divert attention Public transportation and pedestrians Around the same year.In addition, there are signs that even Bus guide ring Not as promising as it first sounds. TechCrunch famous The planned Las Vegas Convention Center system can only accommodate up to 1,200 people per hour, instead of the 4,000 people initially touted by The Boring Company. In short, the company’s initial strategy did not go as smoothly as expected.

Larger freight tunnels can help The Boring Company win more customers, including those who may disagree with commuter channels.As Moles Executive Director Tom Groark said BloombergHowever, Musk’s team may have to be careful about costs. Large tunnels have historically been expensive, and The Boring Company may need to use some unconventional strategies (such as using fixed-width tunnels) to make these corridors practical.

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