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After an eight-month delay, “Far Cry 6” will be released on October 7



The game industry’s release calendar will be filled out during the rest of this year. The next big game with a fixed date Far Cry 6. Ubisoft will release the next title in the long-running series on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Google Stadia on October 7. If you bought it on PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade to the corresponding current version for free.The game should have been Arrived in February, But the impact of COVID-19 forced Ubisoft to postpone it.

The publisher hasn’t waited for the E3 showcase within a few weeks, but First introduced the gameplay. Far Cry 6 Set in the fictional Yara, where you can control Dani Rojas (whether the protagonist is male or female ).

The revolutionaries who allied with Dani adopted Cuba’s resourceful philosophy, namely “Resolver”, which means “success”. They do everything possible to use their advantages, which means you will have some ridiculous DIY weapons. These include guns using canned sardines, batteries and motorcycle engines. The best part is that there is a deadly CD launcher that can play Los del Rio’s “Macarena”.

You will also equip your Supremo backpack with special comic-style weapons, such as jetpacks, rocket launchers or flamethrowers. There are also customized vehicles and horses that can also help you walk around.

Although there are many jungle terrains and coastlines to explore, Far Cry 6 For the first time, the series has an urban environment in Esperanza, the capital of Yara. Esperanza adds more verticality to the gameplay, as you will be able to cross the roof and be fundamentally defeated by the enemy.

At the same time, from Far Cry 5 came back. In addition to the cute dog sausage (a dog that can transport equipment in a wheelchair), there is also a domesticated crocodile that can attack the enemy in your order. This will make your opponent’s encounter in the jungle more dangerous.

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