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Amazon Prime Day 2021: 10 best early offers and shopping tips



Shop safely and wisely: Use common sense when shopping.If the price is unbelievably good, you don’t know the brand, the product does not have too many reviews (or too many five-star reviews), or the seller has just joined Amazon, you may want to avoid buying. Our article Shop safely on Amazon, Deciphering the stars, with What does “Amazon’s choice” mean Can help consolidate your knowledge.

Best Early Prime Day Offer

These Prime member day offers are already online. Normally, Prime Day will bring Amazon devices down to the best prices we will see throughout the year, but so far, we have not seen any noteworthy discounts for Kindle devices, Fire tablets, or Fire TV sticks. I hope Amazon will surprise us when the promotion starts.

Echo bud

Photo: Amazon

Echo bud (8/10 Wired recommendation) Provides good sound and has excellent application and Alexa integration. Noise reduction is not exactly the same as what you get in Apple and Samsung earbuds, but it is sufficient to block most ambient sounds. They are equipped with a charging case and a variety of earplugs and earplug sizes to ensure comfortable wearing.

Amazon Halo is not a useful fitness tracker, but it does do something that other devices we tested cannot do: track your emotions. WIRED deputy editor Adrienne So found out after wearing it for a month Interesting and ultimately usefulAt the same time, should any company, let alone Amazon, regulate the whole body peel scan process for its customers? This is a good price, but the device has some problems. You should know what you think about this.

This smart display was released in 2019 and is often on the market.It is not an absolute one The best smart display; We prefer a larger size. The 5-inch screen of this model is more suitable to be placed on a bedside table rather than a kitchen counter or front door entrance. Nevertheless, if the compact design does not bore you, then $45 is the best price we have seen for this model.

Echo point

Photo: Amazon

This is your chance to add Alexa to more rooms in your home without spending a lot of money. The fourth generation Echo Dot (8/10, wired recommendation) Is The best Alexa smart speakers. This offer is only available when you buy two and make sure to use the code PDDOT2PK Get a full discount at checkout. We saw similar transactions in last year’s sales. If you only need one Echo Dot, a single speaker may be very cheap once the Prime Day is officially started.

There are two different sizes and finishes to choose from, and shipping is free. If you have not uploaded the photos you want to print, you need to upload them, but this may be a good way to redecorate the refrigerator (or print out some cheap room decorations).

If you haven’t tried Prime Wardrobe before, you can get a $15 discount with a purchase of $100. Prime Wardrobe allows Prime members to try on clothes and other items before deciding whether to buy. You have a week to decide whether to keep or return your items.

Amazon Launchpad highlights small businesses that sell products on its website. For Prime Day, when you spend $10 on participating small businesses, Amazon will provide $10 in free store credit. The free points will be displayed in your account on Prime Membership Day and will be automatically applied at checkout. More details here.

Amazon Kids on Fire Tablet

Photo: Amazon

New subscribers can participate in this transaction. Amazon Kids+ (formerly FreeTime Unlimited) allows young people to access books, movies, games, etc. suitable for their age. The service also provides user-friendly parental controls for parents to set screen time limits or manage web browsing. Generally, Amazon Kids+ charges $10 per month. If you are not interested in subsequent costs, please remember to cancel your subscription before the trial version is automatically renewed.Best match one Children’s Fire Tablet.

The free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited is nothing new, but in general, new subscribers can only try the service for one month. This test lasted four times. If you don’t cancel, it will be renewed at the normal rate of $8 per month. Amazon Music Unlimited provides ad-free music streaming, lossless audio, etc.It is not one of them Best music streaming service, But if you are tired of Spotify, it might be worth a try.

Kindle Unlimited provides free access to millions of Kindle e-books. I (Louryn) highly recommend it. It usually costs $10 per month. This transaction offers different discounts for 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year subscriptions. If you are already a member, this is a great way to save on renewal fees, but for those who have been eager to join, it may also come in handy.Just a reminder, you don’t need ignite Read these books-yes Free app Available for iOS, Android, macOS and Windows-but people in the market may offer Kindle discounts during the event.

Retailer sales page

If you want to read these offers for yourself, here are some links to all promotions this week.

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