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Amazon will reduce Appstore fees for small developers later this year



Amazon followed in the footsteps of Apple and Google, cutting the cost of the app store for small developers.The e-commerce giant has Announce It reduces the commissions charged from developers whose annual revenue is less than $1 million. Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, it will reduce the cut from 30% to 20% as part of its new initiatives. Amazon App Store Small Business Accelerator Program. In addition, the company also provides AWS promotional points equivalent to 10% of their revenue to eligible developers.

Apple introduced a new policy reduce In December of last year, its commission rate for small developers with an annual income of less than US$1 million was also reduced from 30% to 20%. After more and more companies objected to having to pay a 30% commission, the tech giant made a change, and Epic Games took the lead in making this request.This led to the trial between Epic and Apple, and one of the judges ask Tim Cook asked about a survey in which 39% of developers said they were dissatisfied with the company’s distribution.

At the same time, Google also Announce As early as March, it reduced its Play Store commission rate from 30% to 15% starting on July 1. As the new policy will apply to developers with annual revenues of less than 1 million, Google said that 99% of Android developers will benefit from this change.

As AFTV News Note that Amazon will still get bigger cuts than Apple and Google. However, if developers have already spent more than 10% of their revenue on AWS expenses, they may reach a better deal with the company.

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