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Amazon’s Kindle Vella plot story platform will be launched in July



Amazon is launching a serial novel store that allows you to use in-app and online purchases to unlock plots and self-published stories.Interactive platform, known as Kindle Vella, Is the author from Kindle direct publishing Service, paid 370 million US dollars Royalties For independent writers in 2020. The service is scheduled to be launched in mid-to-late July.

Despite the name Kindle Vella, the company’s e-reader series will not be able to use Kindle Vella. The company chose to publish directly on Amazon.com and its iOS Kindle app. Initially, at least, the service will be limited to American authors who publish stories in English.

Amazon said that serialized stories should be between 600 and 5,000 words per episode, and the first three episodes are free. To unlock the other chapters, you must pay points (or what Amazon calls tokens), which range from $2 for 200 tokens to $15 for 1700 tokens, which will give you approximately 34 episodes. The higher the number of words in an episode, the more money is required to read it.

At the same time, authors will receive 50% of the payment income generated by their stories, and can also receive bonuses based on their participation. This is where the social element comes in. Readers will be able to like stories they like and record scores for others to view. There is also a ranking system that allows active readers (those who spend money) to receive weekly favorite rewards, and they can award their favorite stories. Those who get the most likes will appear on the preferred leaderboard.

Writers who wish to enhance the interaction can also leave additional thoughts and insights or the estimated time of arrival of the next episode in the author’s notes.

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