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American soldiers accidentally leaked nuclear weapons secrets: report



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A shocking piece of news said that US soldiers stationed at various bases in Europe accidentally exposed sensitive data related to US nuclear weapons stocks through poorly secured flashcard applications, which they used to remember the above-mentioned secrets. New report.

In an incredible mishandling of the most sensitive national security information of the United States, the soldiers accidentally revealed that “not only the base for storing nuclear weapons”, but also, In two cases, And “exact refuge”hot’ A vault that may contain nuclear weapons,” wrote the researcher Fokker Postma. Bellingcat, an investigation team focused on OSINTThey also revealed a lot of other data, including information about passwords, passwords, and local security layouts.

Surprisingly, the troops used common learning applications, such as Chege, Cram school, with Quezlet Postma’s research shows that to store truly sensitive data about European nuclear weapons bases, it then seems to forget to change the application settings from public to private. Some of the same soldiers apparently also made their usernames open to the public, which “includes the full name of the individual who created them,” while also using the same photos they had stored in their LinkedIn profiles-making them easy to track.

It is not clear from the report why they did this.

Postma claimed that he was able to determine most of the information by simply searching Google for official terms and acronyms related to the US nuclear weapons program.When he did this, he found a set of 70 flashcards for the public Entitled “Learning!” This reveals information related to the apparent nuclear stockpiles of Volker Air Force Base in the Netherlands (long-termRumored location of US nuclear weapons stockpiles).Even more frightening is that Postma claims that the subsequent open source Search to find more flashcards The hideout jointly revealed “the details of the vaults of all other European bases reportedly possessing nuclear weapons.”

Some flashcards detail the number of security cameras and their locations at various bases, sensor and radar system information, Incirlik, Volkel, and Aviano restricted zone badges (RAB) unique identifiers, secret duress words and device types are protected Carried by the base’s reaction force.

“The scale of soldiers uploading and inadvertently sharing security details represents a large-scale operational security failure,” Postma said. “Due to the potential impact on public safety, Bellingcat contacted NATO, the U.S. European Command (EUCOM), the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the Dutch Ministry of Defense (MoD) four weeks in advance.” Since then, flashcards Postma wrote that the information related to these leaks has been deleted, despite the fact that the motherboard report Some can still be used on Wayback Machine.

If accurate, this story Yes A worse version Joe Biden Venmo Incident——Among U.S. pWhen the resident left, all his paid app contacts were exposed, including family and friends. Government officials need to understand that civilian applications are not suitable for them.Seriously, there is no formal Released a learning application with military-grade encryption that they can use? At the very least, they need to discover privacy settings—especially when they ask each other about the US death bomb list.


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