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Anker charging accessories are only discounted in Amazon sales today



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Need a charger to make up for your Did not enter the box, Or wireless bracket to eliminate cables in life? It’s a good time to buy.As part of the promotion, Anker charging accessories have received significant discounts Amazon One Day Sale. If you rush to cut the power cord, you will see the biggest bargains. PowerWave 4-in-1 bracket has been lowered Only $75 (Less than $100) If you invest a lot of money on Apple devices, and the single-device PowerWave II Stand is being discounted 26 USD (If you only need to charge your phone, it starts at $35.

Buy PowerWave 4-in-1 Bracket on Amazon-$75

Buy PowerWave II Stand on Amazon-$26

If you are willing to plug in a power source, you will also find a discount.GaN-based 30W PowerPort Atom charger is on sale 21 USD (Starting at $30) If you don’t mind passing on Anker’s new Nano II model. If you still need a spare Lightning to USB-A cable, the PowerLine+ II three-piece set can be used Just over $26 Instead of the usual $34.

Buy PowerPort Atom on Amazon-$21

Buy PowerLine+ II on Amazon-$26

Anker is known for reliable mobile accessories, and for good reason: it often fills the void left by your phone manufacturer and some accessory competitors. The wireless charger can not only recharge quickly, it can also be equipped with a fast power adapter-you don’t need to look for extra things. PowerPort Atom provides small but fast wired charging for your phone. It should have been there all the time. The PowerLine+ II cable is our favorite third-party Lightning replacement.

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