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Apple postpones paid podcast subscription service to June



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Apple postponed the launch of its podcast subscription market to June to ensure that it “provides the best experience for creators and listeners,” according to emails from podcasts that the company first discovered. 9to5MacObviously, its new service still needs some adjustments to see the light.

reveal the mask April, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions essentially serve as Patreon of podcast creator In the existing Apple Podcasts app. Listeners pay a monthly subscription to their favorite creators to get the opportunity to unlock unique benefits.Apple recently opened Affiliate program Publish to podcasts before the wider launch of the service, which was originally designed for This month.

In an email shared by Apple with Gizmodo and other news media to podcast creators this week, the company acknowledged Reported issue use Apple Podcasts Connect, a portal siteOr submit the show and monitor its performance:

“In the past few weeks, some creators have experienced delays in providing content and accessing Apple Podcasts Connect. We have resolved these outages and encourage creators who experience any issues to contact us.”

Apple also stated that it addresses some concerns expressed by users about the design of the Apple Podcasts app that comes with iOS 14.5. The email states that its latest update resolves some of these issues and plans to make “additional enhancements” to the library interface “in the coming weeks.”

With this new service, podcasters can set their own prices and subscriber benefits, such as ad-free listening, rewarded content, or early access to new versions. However, just like its App Store, apple 30% of the subscription fee is reserved for the first year, and 15% for subsequent years. The new “channel” feature planned to be launched with the service will add the option to browse a list of recommended programs (including free and paid versions) curated by creators.

E-mails show that it is not clear how many creators have signed up, but Apple claims that since its announcement in April, “every day there have been hundreds of new subscriptions and channels submitted by creators from all over the world.” Apple’s confirmed partners include Tenderfoot TV, Pushkin Industries, PRX’s Radiotopia, QCode, NPR, Los Angeles Times, The Athletic and Sony Music Entertainment.

You can read Apple’s email in its entirety below:

We are writing to provide updates on Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channel availability.We are pleased with the response last month announcement It’s exciting to see hundreds of new subscriptions and channels submitted by creators around the world every day.

To ensure that we provide the best experience for creators and listeners, Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channels will be launched in June. We will communicate further updates and best practices regarding usability through this newsletter to help you prepare subscriptions and channels.

In the past few weeks, some creators have experienced delays in the availability of their content and access to Apple Podcasts Connect.We have resolved these interruptions and encourage creators who encounter any issues contact us.

We also listened to the opinions of the audience and adjusted them based on their feedback on the iOS 14.6 released on Monday. We will make additional enhancements to Library in the next few weeks.

Thank you for your understanding. We can’t wait to see your new subscriptions and channels, and we look forward to launching them to audiences around the world as soon as possible.

Updated: May 29, 21, 6:23 PM EST: Added confirmation and email from Apple.


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