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Apple postpones paid podcast subscriptions to June



Apple’s podcast subscription service will not launch this month like the original tech giant did on purpose. In podcasts via email 9to5Mac, The company announced that it will postpone the subscription and channel release date to June to ensure that it “provides the best experience for creators and listeners.” It sounds like Apple is still solving the problems behind the scenes, but it didn’t elaborate on the problems it still needs to solve.

The tech giant announced that it will add paid subscriptions to its Podcasts app during the “Spring Loaded” event in April, providing creators with a way to charge listeners for content. Podcasts will be able to set their own prices and determine the benefits of paying subscribers, such as ad-free listening and exclusive episodes.

In addition, Apple plans to release a “channel” feature that will recommend “program groups with unique titles, descriptions, and works of art curated by creators.” In short, subscriptions and channels can be a great way for podcasters to present their programs in front of potential subscribers. However, Apple will continue to deduct 30% from each subscription in the first year, but after the first year, this percentage will be reduced to 15% per year.

Although the subscription service has been postponed, Apple has been preparing for the launch in the past few weeks.it Opened a subsidiary company Plans are to include podcasts earlier this month, allowing participants to earn 50% commissions.Apple also Introducing iOS 14.6 It was launched to ordinary iPhone users a few days ago and supports paid podcast subscriptions.

This is the full email from Apple to the podcast:

“We are writing this letter to provide the latest news about Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channel availability. We are pleased with the response to the announcement last month, and are pleased to see hundreds of new subscriptions and channels submitted daily by creators around the world .

To ensure that we provide the best experience for creators and listeners, Apple Podcasts subscriptions and channels will be launched in June. We will communicate further updates and best practices regarding usability through this newsletter to help you prepare subscriptions and channels. “

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