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Beware of “smoke trolling,” the favorite strategy of Trump followers



Earlier this week, on Flag Day, Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a video in which he stared at the old glory and Take the oath of allegiance. “It’s useless [sic] become Controversial,” he exclaimed. Rhetorically speaking, there is no other way to describe the post except “trolling.” Politically speaking, there is no other way than smoke bombs. Cruz’s hometown of Dexa Sri Lanka is currently trying to impose the state’s The strictest voting restrictions, Black leaders have OutcryCruz’s tweet indicated that his freedom was under attack (from criticizing the race police? From the cancellation of cultural wizards?), but what this trolling masked was that it was his voter Freedom actually threatened.

When encountering such tricky timing on the Internet, the first thing to remember is that no matter how controversial a statement may seem, smoke screen trolling is Is not An argument. When Trumpists make crazy accusations on social media, they will not change their minds, and they will not be affected by any facts you think they might have missed. However, they will be very happy because of your efforts.

Here too, Trumpists are in line with old-school trollers. The goal of the trolls on 4chan is to gather lulz and respond to the target’s anger, frustration, or disgust. For Trumpist politicians, the goal is much higher than lulz: it is power. Nevertheless, the target’s anger, frustration, and disgust still play a key role. Inducing the opposition to dunk on obvious lies and exaggerated MAGA performing arts will only help their malicious claims win the news cycle. This is exactly how I discovered the Cruz Flag Day tweet; it became popular on Twitter because of how many people were making fun of him.

This is not a traditional magnification argument-if you share these types of information, even by criticizing them, you may expose other Trump voters to lies. As a result of increasing isolation and the far-right media ecosystem, supporters of this ideology have been immersed in this information.Politicians like Ted Cruz are playing a catch-up game they, Not the other way around.

What does the real magnification problem have to do with No Why the trend Yes trend. Ted Cruz’s slam dunk is easy, fun and satisfying. They will definitely like to struggle with power. But this is what makes them so effective smokescreen.

To deal with this strategy, the first step is to determine when it will happen. This can be tricky, because there is often only a fine line between Trumpists like Ted Cruz and those who truly believe what they are saying. But forget what politicians actually believe. When what they say is consistent with trolling’s strategy and tactics, imagine that there is a 😂 at the end of their tweet, quote, or press release. This reminds us to slow down and consider the proposed response—from fact-checking to “but actually-ing” to pointing and laughing—that may eventually encourage nonsense and obscure the potential sincerity of Trump’s project.

Don’t help them do this.Instead, refuse to play their games and stick to a completely different game-this method Also help fight back Subculture trolling.As a cognitive linguist George Lakoff Proposal to re-discuss the discussion from the perspective of a Trumpist miss you You have to talk and move towards the deeper truths buried in the stories that must be talked about. Describe specific actions taken by them and other state officials to suppress voting, strengthen white supremacy, and threaten civil liberties.Especially if a story is already popular and a response that attracts people’s attention what Strategy and tactics are being used and why They are being used to help others understand how they are manipulated, where they should focus their attention, and what is at stake.


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