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Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates hopes to provide better services to creators



Techara and his allies.

Techara and his allies.
image: Daniel Acuna, Brian Stahlfritz/Marvel

with Panther Chapter 25 Ta-Nehisi Coates running At the end of Marvel Comics-turning Wakanda into an interstellar empire that travels through time and space-the author continues to tell the next chapter of another comic idol story, With Warner Bros.’ The upcoming Superman movie on Black carl-airAlthough Coates will turn to film projects in the next step, his love for comics is deeply rooted, and his passion for art forms makes him hope that other creators working in the field will be better.

In a recent interview Polygon Contributor (and former io9 senior writer) Evan Narcis, Coates expressed his deep debt to Marvel because he allowed him to tell Panther story.But Coates also explained how he recognized the entertainment industry that turned these stories into Multi-billion-dollar multimedia franchise Is not Always support the creators behind the comics on which its adaptations are based. “I’m not talking about myself here because I think I am a lucky person because I can make a living in various other ways,” Coates said. “But some people make a living from comic books. I hope Marvel can find a better way Compensation creator Who helped make Black Panther Panther. I hope they find a better way to compensate the man who made Captain America Captain America. “

Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s “Death of Captain America” ​​arc is a story, and Coates sees it as an example of the enrichment and deepening of the classic role he wants to achieve. He runs by himself Captain America series. Brubek himself recently spoke About his experience Watching his interpretation of comic characters be adapted into the core of the live-action film franchise, although he played a key role in his creation, he hardly benefited from it.In Coates’ view, Brubeck’s Winter Soldier defined this role and set the blueprint for his recent live-action MCU opponent Falcon and Winter Soldier And bring some logical ideas.

“I hope they find a way to compensate the author of the greatest Winter Soldier story you will read. I don’t like having one Falcon and Winter Soldier Playing on TV, I received a letter from Ed [Brubaker] He can’t even interact with… I just don’t like that. I don’t like that. Look, I had a great time. I had a very, very good time writing for Marvel. I am very grateful to Marvel,” he said. “I love my editors, Will, Tom, Alana, Sara, Martin…Chris. I have great people working with me. However, the company in this area… the company in this area is not pretty. It is not pretty at all. I don’t like how you treat the people who laid the foundation for this. “

He continued: “But to get that, let him fit into that book, let Steve Eptin fit into that book like he did, see people make billions of dollars, and for [Brubaker] Said that he could not answer the call. I don’t know what the future relationship will look like, but as a creator, you will consider this. You think about how people treat others. You will consider how the company treats other people. And I just don’t like it, man. “

Although this is the nature of the work for rent, the IP created in it ultimately belongs to the company with role rights, but this is an aspect of the industry worth considering, because publishers and studios continue to turn these stories into big screens and streaming media Spectacles consumed by spectators.

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