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Burmese security forces blamed for burning down Magwe village | Military News



On Tuesday, a fire broke out in the Kin Ma village of about 800 people. An estimated 200 houses were turned into ashes and bricks.

According to several residents living in the village, the military set fire to a village in central Myanmar after clashes with opponents. At least two elderly people were burned to death.

As the protests against the coup d’état on February 1 continued, news of suspected violence by the military came. Dozens of protesters on motorcycles held a dawn strike in Kachin State. Parade was held in Ganzhen and Dawei. Thursday, Tanintay area.

MRTV National Television stated that the fire on Tuesday in Kin Ma, a village of about 800 people in the Magway region, was caused by “terrorists”, otherwise the media reported “deliberately conspired to discredit the army”.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the cause of the fire. A military spokesperson did not answer a call for comment.

Several villagers described the incident via phone calls and photos seen by Reuters. According to several villagers, there were only about 30 houses left in Jinma on Wednesday, and about 200 houses were turned into piles of ashes and bricks.

NASA’s satellite fire tracking system recorded the fire at 9:52 pm (15:22 GMT) on Tuesday night.

The villager, who asked not to be named, said that at least two people were killed when security forces set fire after fighting against opponents of the coup.

A 32-year-old volunteer who helped displaced people in the village said that the two deceased were elderly residents who could not escape their homes during the fire. He said that some people returned to the village on Wednesday and found the bodies.

Secluded resident

Villagers told Reuters that most residents of the village still hide in the nearby forest.

MRTV said that 40 “terrorists” set fire to a house in Jianma, causing a fire that spread to 100 of the 225 houses in the village.

Myanmar has been plagued by violence and protests Since the commander-in-chief of the army, Min Aung Lai, arrested the elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and seized power from the army. For most of the Southeast Asian country’s independence, generals ruled the Southeast Asian country with an iron fist, and then gave some power to the civilian government in a decade of tentative political reforms.

Photos and videos of the aftermath of the Golden Horse Fire show that the white embers above the village emit a thin layer of smoke on the blackened ground.

Charred wooden boards, metal plates, bricks and cooking utensils were scattered all over the floor, leaving only a few trees. Some images show dead animals.

The British Embassy in Myanmar said on Twitter: “There are reports that the military government burned down the entire village of Magway and killed elderly residents. This once again shows that the military continues to commit terrible crimes and disrespects the people of Myanmar.” Words from Ambassador Dan Chugg.

Human rights groups accused the Burmese army of burning down hundreds of villages in an offensive in 2017 that drove hundreds of thousands of Rohingya, mainly Muslims, to neighboring Bangladesh.

The security forces denied the arson and in some cases attributed the fire to the Rohingya.

The West is increasingly condemning the military government because the military uses force against its opponents.

But the United Nations and The Association of Southeast Asian Nations failed to take a unified stand and put more pressure on the coup leaders.

The human rights organization Political Prisoners Aid Association stated that security forces have killed approximately 865 civilians since the coup d’état, even though the military disputes this number.


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