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Buy this Bluetooth speaker from TREBLAB and save 14%



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Summer is here, and your activities may be full of outdoor activities such as camping trips and barbecues. Nothing brings these outings together to create an atmosphere like a popular playlist, so you should consider bringing Bluetooth speakers to your next social event.

High-quality speakers can completely change the way you listen to music. Even if you have listened to songs for many years, there may be hidden levels you don’t know. TREBLAB HD-Max has what you need, providing deep, real sound.And now Priced at $162, Or a 14% discount.

TREBLAB HD-Max has three sound modes, which provide different levels of volume to match your environment, whether you are using it indoors or outdoors. This also makes it an ideal choice for customizing bass and volume according to different music genres. The speaker has a power output of 50W, which produces a considerable noise level, while maintaining a battery life of 5 hours at full volume, or up to 20 hours at a volume of only 30%. Once the battery is low, you can use any USB compatible power bank to charge it.

This Bluetooth speaker is easy to use and is designed to provide you with an excellent listening experience without distracting you from the music. With a wireless connection of up to 33 feet, you don’t have to worry about being tied up by HD-Max. Just set it up at your next picnic or beach party and you are ready to go.

Speaking of this, TREBLAB’s TWS technology even allows you to pair multiple HD-Max at once, so you can create an audio center with higher volume and surround sound the next time you go out. Finally, it has an IPX6 waterproof rating, which means it is waterproof and moisture-proof-so you can use it in the rain, swimming pool or before showering without worrying about damage.

Use TREBLAB HD-Max to provide you with powerful, portable sound and sufficient battery life.The speakers are Now special price 162 US dollars, Less than $189.

Prices may change.

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