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Chelsea beat Manchester City to win the Champions League | Football News



Havertz’s goal in the first half determined Porto’s final and helped Chelsea secure their second Champions League victory.

Chelsea’s Ke Havertz paid back some of his huge transfer fees as his first-half goal defeated Manchester City 1-0 in Saturday’s Champions League final.

The German teenager caught Mason Mount’s pass and avoided Manchester City goalkeeper Edson before hitting the ball into the empty goal in the 42nd minute.

Premier League champions Manchester City were the favourites before the final, but spent a desperate night in Porto. This was their first time in the Champions League final.

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero looked frustrated after his last game for the Manchester club [Carl Recine/Reuters]

Guardiola’s team has never been allowed to play their normal smooth games, nor can they respond, because well-trained Chelsea locked in a second Champions League victory.

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel won a tactical battle with Manchester City opponent Guardiola. If Timo Werner converted two Phnom Penh opportunities, his team could have won more.

After the intermission, Manchester City struggled to find an open spot, but when organizer Kevin De Bruyne was injured after a head clash, their career was of no avail.

Chelsea survived the 7-minute stoppage time, and Riyad Mahrez approached Manchester City in pain before the celebration of Chelsea fans began.

The London club may be fourth in the Premier League, 19 points behind champion Manchester City, but it is worth noting that this is the third time they have beaten Guardiola in six weeks.

When they won the FA Cup semi-final in April, they shattered Manchester City’s hopes of winning the domestic treble, and then postponed their championship celebrations in Manchester’s victory.

Now, in the final watched by more than 14,000 fans, they have created a boisterous atmosphere and they have rejected Manchester City’s first Champions League title that they and Guardiola aspired to.

Chelsea players and staff celebrate after winning the Champions League [Carl Recine/Reuters]


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