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China successfully launched its first manned mission to the new space station



China successfully sent three astronauts to its first manned mission in five years Tianhe space station, NBC Finance Channel There are reports. Nie Haisheng, Liu Boming and Tang Hongbo will be the first three astronauts to board the space station and will spend three months there to test the system and conduct space walks.

Three astronauts aboard the Shenzhou 12 spacecraft aboard the Long March 2 F rocket, which was launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern China at about 9:22 a.m. China time. The mission was declared “completely successful” at 9:43 am.

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The crew will set up dormitories in the core module to be launched in April 2021 dispute The Long March 5B rocket returned to the atmosphere. The main goal of the crew is to bring the 24 ton module online. “We need to build our new home in space and test a series of new technologies,” said Commander Nie Haisheng. “So the task is arduous and challenging. I believe that through the close cooperation of the three of us and thorough and accurate operations, we can overcome the challenges.”

This mission is the first of 11 missions planned to fly to Tianhe during the space station construction phase. China will send another two modules and more manned missions, striving to complete the station before the 2022 deadline. China was excluded from the US-led International Space Station, but said it may allow foreign countries to participate in its own space station.

In the past few years, China has accelerated its space program.It recently Sign in Moon sampling robot on the moon and Sent back To Earth, and then land the rover on Mars Earlier this yearOn the road ahead, China plans to cooperate with Russia to send astronauts to the moon in the next ten years.

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