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COVID-19: India pledges 120 million doses of vaccine in June | Coronavirus pandemic news



As the government tried to address the vaccine shortage, this marked a significant increase from the 79 million doses of vaccine available in May.

The Indian government said on Sunday that in June, India will have nearly 120 million doses of coronavirus vaccine available for domestic use to promote its immunization activities that have been compromised by vaccine shortages.

In the devastating second wave of outbreaks that caused more than 150,000 deaths in the past eight weeks, this marked a significant increase in the 79.4 million doses available in May.

India has injected about 212 million doses, second only to China and the United States, but only injected the necessary two doses into about 3% of its 1.35 billion population.

On Sunday, the world’s second most populous country reported that the number of new coronavirus infections per day in the past 24 hours was the lowest in 46 days at 165,553, while the number of deaths increased by 3,460.

According to data from the Ministry of Health on Sunday, the total number of infections in this South Asian country is currently 27.9 million, while the death toll has reached 325,972.

Earlier this month, a senior government adviser stated that between August and December this year, India may provide more than 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccine, including vaccines from two domestic manufacturers.

Several states in India have reported severe shortages of vaccines, forcing many regions, including the capital New Delhi, to give priority to people over 45 years old again.

In June, the central government will provide states with 60.9 million doses of vaccines for healthcare and front-line workers and people over 45 years of age, while 58.6 million doses will be available for direct purchase by states and states, according to the press release, private hospitals.

The country has recently begun to launch the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, as well as the AstraZeneca vaccine produced locally by the Serological Institute of India (SII) and Covaxin produced by the local company Bharat Biotech.

Although it is the world’s largest vaccine producer, the country has been plagued by vaccine shortages.

The opposition accuses Prime Minister Narendra Modi of doing a poor job in responding to COVID-19, with shortages of hospital beds, oxygen, vaccines and medicines making international headlines.


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