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Cummings leaked Johnson’s news and said Hancock’s efforts were “hopeless”



Based on private information leaked by his former senior adviser, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson referred to his Health Minister Matt Hancock’s inability to improve coronavirus detection capabilities at the beginning of the pandemic as “fucking hopeless”.

Dominic Cummings posted a destructive WhatsApp message on his Twitter. They stated that Johnson was considering firing Hancock in a message sent by the Prime Minister to his former aides on April 27, 2020, indicating that he considered the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) to be “a disaster.”

Johnson added in the message: “In addition to taking off Hancock and putting on [Michael] carry on. “

Cummings revealed in parliamentary testimony last month that he had repeatedly called for Hancock to be fired because of various mistakes and “lie” at the beginning of the pandemic.

Downing Street later told reporters that “the Prime Minister is confident with the Minister of Health.” Hancock subsequently denied that he had said anything untrue to Johnson.

According to a WhatsApp message released by Cummings, the former aide wrote a letter to the prime minister on March 27, 2020-near the beginning of the crisis.

He complained that the United States increased from 2,200 tests per day to 27,000 to 100,000 tests in just two weeks. However, according to Cummings, Hancock stated that he is “skeptical” that the UK will reach 10,000 people next week-he had previously stated that it “will definitely happen.”

Johnson replied: “There is absolutely no fucking hope.” Hancock finally set a goal of 100,000 tests per day in early April and achieved it a month later.

The lack of detection capabilities in the UK at the beginning of the crisis has been the focus of government criticism.

One of Cummings’ most destructive claims is his suggestion Hancock assured Johnson that everyone had moved from the hospital to the nursing home Will be tested beforehand, but it didn’t happen.

Hancock defended himself, insisting that the test be conducted only when he has sufficient ability.

in a Blog post Cummings issued a statement on Wednesday that Downing Street forced Hancock to develop a more ambitious test plan, which would be 100,000 tests per day.

“Hancock is creating a new version of reality. He proposed the idea of ​​intensive testing before March 14th. He announced his 100k goal on April 2nd to provide leadership. This is an inspirational heroism. The move, which is the cause of the change in terms of testing capabilities,” Cummings wrote.

“Reality: As part of the transition to Plan B, Plan 10 forced Hancock to formulate a new test plan. Hancock was still operating under Plan A/herd immunity assumptions during the week of 16 3. Planning, community testing is meaningless (so why was it briefly officially Stop)”

The news was released as members of Congress were preparing to vote on the four-week postponement planned to lift the blockade on Wednesday afternoon.

This week, Hancock announced that it will postpone the unlock date from June 21 to July 19 so that the NHS can vaccinate all people over 50, as well as health care workers and the most vulnerable.

Earlier Wednesday, government scientists warned that if all social distancing restrictions were lifted, the number of reproduction of the coronavirus could rise to 7.

Susan Hopkins, deputy director of the National Infection Service of Public Health England, told members of Parliament in a speech to the Science and Technology Committee that if the regulations are removed, the R value may be “greater than 5, or even as high as 7.”

This means that for every 10 people infected, 70 people will be infected with the coronavirus.


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