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Defending Overwatch is difficult, but still unparalleled



Overwatch It’s not just about guns. Unlike other hero-based shooting games, there are some heroes who don’t even have guns in games that turn 5 this month. Instead, the character will throw a complete projectile and the ability periodic table at the opponent for 10 minutes, and then do it again.

If, somehow, you have never played it, there is a DJ who heals his allies with music, and a gorilla from the moon shoots down the enemy from the map. Sometimes they fought tactically to control a dim London road, and sometimes they were crushed by Russian mecha installations. The winners are those who escape with the most absurd combination of future abilities and successfully escort the truck or defend a point.

Overwatch It is a competitive shooting game, but its definition of balance is very different from many previous shooting games and games that have been inspired since its release in 2016. Here, heroes are inherently broken. In a vacuum, fighting any character is like fighting a boss in a game where you are under-level in the game. This is very unfair and depriving of power.apart from Overwatch Heroes do not exist in a vacuum; they exist in a 6 vs. 6 environment, where they are controlled by other heroes with equally amazing power. This conflict of great advantage and great disadvantage requires creative strategies to win the game. Unlike most shooting games that require you to express yourself in a completely equal competitive environment, Overwatch You are required to express yourself in an environment of deliberately unequal competition.

Blizzard’s shooters value the mixing of skills and make non-traditional skills such as protection and healing indispensable in any game. Tank heroes like Reinhardt and auxiliary heroes like Mercy complicate the act of ensuring kills. The players behind these characters do not have to use traditional shooting skills, but just to destroy them. The best players are outstanding decision-makers, not just good at aiming and slow response. Flexibility and understanding the many interactions between the heroes in your team and the enemy team are the most important. Each game is a new puzzle that needs to be solved, because each of the game’s 32 heroes has a unique play style. The hero selection screen is like your first plate in the buffet. Whether you want the crunch of a roadhog hook and shotgun combination, or the sound of Hanzo’s bow and arrow, there is one that suits every mood.

Each hero in the game has a counterpart, or a hero dedicated to getting rid of them. A therapist like Zenyatta can prevent any killing by Genji’s sword-swinging ultimate skill, and the sniper Widowmaker can easily fix the flying pharaoh to the ground. In traditional archer terms, Overwatch By exchanging anti-elections during the game, everyone is provided with tools to make the game unfair. This unfair or player-driven deprivation of power is the key to the entire philosophy of the game. No player can completely surpass the opponent without leaving a chance to counterattack.Teamwork is as important as strategy, if not more It is important to defeat the opposing team. The best team combination can synergize and complement each other’s shortcomings.See any major Overwatch In a league match, you will see players jumping out of the enemy team’s bait, counterattack to surprise the hero, and protect allies from danger instead of killing.

If you do not manage your own weaknesses, you cannot take advantage of the team’s strengths, and it is this constant threat Overwatch Different from other hero-based shooting games, such as Appraisal with Apex LegendIn these games, the characters are just relative to each other. The difference lies in your play style, the guns you choose, and how you use your character’s unique abilities to set how and when to shoot the enemy. Generally speaking, everything is to support your ability to sweep the crosshairs towards the enemy during a battle. Appraisal with Apex Legend I hope that the best players will be successful no matter who the game is against. Therefore, ability is often an extension of those traditional skills, rather than subversion for people who are more interested in other types of games. Movement, healing, and high damage abilities will increase the difficulty of fighting, but their severe lack of usability means that in the final analysis, good aiming is still the most important.


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