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Due to legal issues, Snapchat is removing its speedometer filter



Snapchat A controversial speed filter is being removed from its application. A filter introduced by Snapchat in 2013 allows users to share their movement speed. Safety activists claim that it encourages reckless driving.

A spokesperson for Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, told Engadget: “Nothing is more important than the safety of our Snapchat community. We previously disabled the filter at driving speed.” “Today, Snapchatter hardly uses the sticker. In view of this, We will delete it completely.”

A spokesperson told NPR, It was the first to report this move, and the filter uses thousands of snapshots every day. This is just a small part of the 5 billion or so snapshots shared on the app every day.

The timing of this move is somewhat surprising. Over the years, the filter has been associated with several car accidents, including some fatal accidents.Parents of three teenagers who were killed in a 2017 Wisconsin highway crash have filed applications litigation Against Snap.At the moment before the crash, one of the boys posted a snapshot using a speed filter as Electronic Frontier Foundation famous.

Last month, the Court of Appeal allowed the case to continue. ruling Snap is not protected by law P. 230 Provisions of the 1996 Communications Standards Act. This clause generally protects Internet companies from liability for content posted by their users. Snap claims that the filter did not cause a crash and this week it Make a motion Dismiss the case.

Before removing the speed filter, Snap made some adjustments. The filter was changed to a sticker to make it less prominent, and “Don’t catch and drive” appears whenever someone uses it. In the months before deciding to completely remove the sticker, Snap limited the maximum speed that can be captured and shared to 35MPH.

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