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Due to Palestinian censorship requirements, Instagram will post more reposted posts



Instagram is making changes that may resolve the review request.Social network has comfirmed To Financial Times After the Palestinians accused the company of censoring content, the company is changing its algorithm to make the reposts in the story the same level as the original article. A Facebook spokesperson told Engadget that there is no planned censorship system and that this adjustment is a response to the overall question of the scope of reprinted content rather than Palestinian information.

The spokesperson said that the scope of influence of reposted posts was much larger than expected. The representative added that this was not what people hoped for, and it was not a “good experience”.

A Facebook spokesperson said that Instagram still wants to focus more on original works, but it will “look for other ways” to highlight them, such as creative tools.

This change will not resolve all issues related to the so-called censorship system.Users say that Facebook is Report Although the content is harmless, it is said to have posted words with “martyr” and “resistance”, allegedly inciting violence, and even mistakenly linking the Al-Aqsa Mosque (place of the conflict) with the coalition of extremists of the same name Later, even these posts were deleted.This Financial Times It pointed out that “up to 50” Facebook staff often draw attention to actions that may inhibit pro-Palestinian materials, including 80 appeals against automatic deletion of content.

This move may still have a significant impact on the types of stories you see on Instagram. You may be more likely to see content about hotkey topics.If people spread wrong information, there may be problems (WhatsApp has Fight this problem Many years), but Facebook is obviously betting that equal ranking will eventually help more people.

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