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The article titled Dyson Laser Vacuum Cleaner has as many illustrations as satisfactory

photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

There is only so much innovation on the basis of classics Cordless vacuum cleaner. You can improve its battery life and ergonomics, but if the suction is too large, the cleaning head will only stick to the floor. But Dyson refused to let the evolution of the vacuum stall.Company just Incorporate the laser into it, Although it sounds like GimmickAnd it actually Make ordinary housework surprisingly satisfying.

Although the company has made great progress in upgrading and transforming various home appliances Small tools, the Dyson brand is still synonymous with vacuum cleaners.As early as 2014, the company released The first battery-powered vacuum cleaner It is as effective as the traditional wired model in terms of cleaning.They are so popular that four years later, with the launch of the Dyson Cyclone V10 model, the company Announced that it will no longer be produced Corded vacuum cleaner.In recent years, the company has made some small improvements, such as Extends battery life, suction power and makes it easier to maintain, but the new Dyson V15 Detect introduces two key upgrades that feel almost as innovative as when the company cut the power cord for the first time.

Say Pew-Pew to dust and dirt

Unless you make a living selling and displaying Dyson vacuum cleaners, the new V15 Detect looks almost identical to the models released in the past few years. Does this mean that Dyson has perfected the design and ergonomic design of its cordless vacuum cleaner? Incomplete. I still prefer on/off switches to trigger buttons that require constant squeezing, but they are very close. However, when the vacuum is running, its most salient features are easy to see.

If you don't want to blind the dust mites, you can turn off the green laser of V15 Detect, but they deserve it.

If you don’t want to blind the dust mites, you can turn off the green laser of V15 Detect, but they deserve it.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

The vac comes with two cleaning heads.The one designed For hard floors, with fluffy rotating brush strips, and A new button on the back activates the green laser, creating a wide range of illumination in the path of the cleaning head.Which makes Tiny particles, from dust to dirt, each glow like a bright green LED.

Seeing the dirt on the floor light up like a Christmas tree may encourage you to fundamentally change the frequency of cleaning procedures.

Seeing the dirt on the floor light up like a Christmas tree may encourage you to fundamentally change the frequency of cleaning procedures.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

Even in a bright room where the sun is pouring down, this effect is very obvious, and it is indeed easy to check whether an area has been properly cleaned. Is effective cleaning absolutely necessary? Of course not, but pushing the vacuum cleaner onto a particularly dirty floor, the floor lit up like a Christmas tree, and then pulling back the vacuum cleaner to show that every small light spot has disappeared, which is incredibly satisfying. A few weeks have passed, and the novelty of this feature has not disappeared. Instead, it even made a 5Year-old children repeatedly asked if they could vacuum the floor to see if the dirt disappeared. If this is not a huge leap in vacuum-Good job, don’t know what it is

Dyson V15 Detect comes with two floor cleaning heads, one for hardwood and tile floors and the other for carpets and rugs.

Dyson V15 Detect comes with two floor cleaning heads, one for hardwood and tile floors and the other for carpets and rugs.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

Major victory over long hair

The V15 inspection kit includes two cleaning heads, but the spare high-torque cleaner does not have the laser illumination function.It Designed for use on carpets, dust and debris will eventually be buried and hidden in the fibers. The cleaning head still has its own ingenious skills, which makes maintaining the vacuum itself no longer a chore.

The anti-tangling comb on the high-torque rotating head cannot completely prevent long hair from tangling on the rotating rod, but it reduces the number of tangles, so you don’t have to clean it often.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

As effective as rotating brush heads at agitating carpet fibers to help release dust and dirt, they are also effective when wrapped in long hair. In the past Dyson model, The only way to handle the build-The hair is taken off the rotating rod and yanked All this is done by hand-it is still a pain. On the high-torque rotating head of the V15, You will find what Dyson calls an anti-tangling comb: a series of teeth that extend along the length of the strip, helping to remove long hair before it becomes permanently tangled in the bristles of the strip. This is not a perfect solution-So far, some bouncy hair has successfully bypassed the bar——But this means you don’t have to disassemble and remove it frequently for thorough cleaning.

Provides three cleaning modes: Eco, Auto and Boost to deal with the worst situation.

Provides three cleaning modes: Eco, Auto and Boost solve your worst problems.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

Your cordless vacuum cleaner becomes smarter

Like Dyson’s recent Cordless vacuum cleaner, There is a small screen on the back of V15 Detect, the interface is simplified and you can navigate Use a single button. The vacuum cleaner can be switched between three cleaning modes: Eco for extending battery life, Boost for maximum suction power, and Auto, Traditionally, it dynamically changes the power level based on the type of floor you are cleaning.

Using the newly-added sensor, V15 Detect can measure the size and number of inhaled particles, making it more intelligently adjust its suction in automatic mode.

Use the newly added sensor, V15 Detect can measure the size and quantity of inhaled particles, so that it can adjust its suction more intelligently in automatic mode.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

However, on V15 Detect, you will also see a status screen, similar to the status screen used by Dyson’s air purifier to report the level of particulate matter in the air. Dyson upgraded the acoustic piezoelectric sensor for V15. When dust and dirt roll into the vacuum storage box, the sensor can measure the size and quantity of dust and dirt. As you can see in this photo, most of the dirt on my floor is very small dust particles, which indicates that it may be time to replace my stove filter or clean my plumbing system. But this feature is more than just letting users know what messed up their floor.

The sensor also improves the ability of the V15 to automatically increase or decrease its cleaning ability in automatic mode. I tested the new laser function with salt poured from the grinder on the floor, which resulted in larger dirt spots than usually found on my floor. When I clean up the mess, I can hear the V15 automatically increase the suction power to handle larger particles, and then reduce the suction power again after the floor is clean.

Like Dyson V11 Outsize, V15 Detect includes an easy-to-replace battery, so if you need to clean for a few hours, you can keep a spare battery and replace it with a new one when the battery runs out.

Like the Dyson V11 Outsize, the V15 Detect includes an easy-to-replace battery, Therefore, if you need to clean for several hours, you can have spare batteries on hand and replace them with new ones when they are exhausted.
photo: Andrew Lizevsky/Gizmodo

I admit that auto mode is rarely used on older Dyson cordless vacuum models, but I am a converter now. Dyson promises to use V15 for up to 60 minutes of cleaning time, but unless your task is to clean up the clean room in the factory that manufactures microchips, Your mileage will vary (Will Probably much less). However, when the wood floor and tile floor in my house, It ran for more than 50 minutes, which is enough for a decent cleaning.If this is not enough for your huge McMansion, then V15 Detect also uses Dyson V11 extra large, So you can charge your backup at any time and get ready for a longer cleaning session.

One thing that has not changed with the new Dyson V15 Detect is currently available in the United States.S., Canada and Europe are the price tags: 700 US dollars is very expensive, without icing. Like Apple products, The Dyson tax will definitely work, and if the corded vacuum cleaner you have relied on for years still works, don’t worry about upgrading anyway. But as a premium experience, Dyson V15 Detect includes some really eye-catching upgrades that not only improve the performance and running time of the vacuum cleaner, but also manage to make the tedious work less cumbersome.


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