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Facebook will let group managers “slow down” harmful conversations



Facebook is trying to make it easier for group managers to prevent harmful conversations. The social network has introduced a new tool that allows moderators to limit comments on posts in order to “slow down” conversations.

Through changes, group administrators can limit the ability of specific members to post within a specific period of time, or limit all new comments on specific posts. Facebook is also testing a “conflict alert,” which will proactively alert group administrators “when there may be controversial or unhealthy conversations in the group.”

These updates are Facebook’s latest attempts to limit group bad behavior.Last year, the company Political groups and As part of its efforts to combat extremism and health misinformation. But Facebook is still working hard to enforce its rules for groups. The company is making slow progress in addressing the “stop theft” campaign. After the election, there is only one team. Facebook quickly banned the original group, Suppress the broader movement it sparked after the January 6 uprising.


The new feature emphasizes how much Facebook relies on administrators and moderators to enforce rules and encourage good behavior, but this strategy Has been very effective, group administrators sometimes problem.Earlier this year, Facebook said it would enforce For groups that repeatedly violate their rules, and administrators who do not comply with their policies, their groups may be completely removed.

The latest update includes additional review tools for group managers. The new “Member Summary” feature will provide overview information about individual group members, including the number of times they have deleted posts due to rule violations. Facebook has also added a comment moderation tool to its automated “administrator assistance” feature, which allows administrators to restrict comments from new group members or new Facebook users. This feature also enables administrators to completely block certain types of content, such as posts with promotional links.

Finally, Facebook is redesigning the “Administrator Homepage” with a new layout to allow group managers to more easily organize their most commonly used tools.

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