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Ford’s electric F-150 range is estimated to be very conservative



When Ford said F-150 Lightning Will provide a range of approximately 300 miles at its optimal trim level? You may have no reason to be so unhappy. Ford tells YouTuber Marques Brownlee stated that its EPA range estimates the electric pickup truck factor in 1,000 pounds of cargo-you are likely to get more range under lighter loads. Brownlee saw an estimated cruising range of 367 miles in an empty F-150 Lighting Platinum with 80% power, and estimated that it could travel about 459 miles after being fully charged.

The company has already mentioned that there is a scale system on the rear of the truck that can adjust the estimated mileage based on the weight.

Ford did not explain why the F-150 hands-on model claims to have a greater range, or whether this longevity will definitely continue to the production unit. However, as Brownlee suggested, this may be to eliminate mileage anxiety. You should get the quoted driving distance under many conditions, not just the ideal situation with an empty bed. Of course, this is important for workplaces that rely on this range, but it is also critical for the acceptance of one of the first mainstream electric trucks.

There may also be competitive incentives. Rivian also sells more than 300 miles R1T, Will reach more than 400 by the beginning of 2022. Tesla Cyber ​​Truck It is also preparing to offer at least as many products in its dual-motor version. Ford’s conservative estimates can help the electric F-150 perform well against its most obvious competitors, even if they will launch a long-range version in the future.

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