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From Twitter to war trench: The Israeli army’s propaganda war in Gaza



On May 14, the official Twitter account of the Israeli military released a “popular question and answer” video, inviting viewers to “imagine” themselves as the Israeli armed forces and decided to react to the rockets in the Gaza Strip.The answer options are: Nothing[.] Allow terrorists to destroy Israeli cities” or “B. Target terrorists who launch rockets. “

According to the military, “there is only one correct answer”: Option B. In fact, the more accurate answer should be: bomb Gaza at the blacksmith shop and kill the entire Palestinian family in response to rockets that are not even capable of destroying Israeli cities, and these rockets are only launched into Israel because Israel has been in the past 73 years. China massacred or tortured Palestinians in other ways. “

In the Israeli attack that began on May 10, nearly 250 Palestinians have been killed so far, including 66 children. As always, the Israeli military Twitter account has become a valuable weapon for conducting parallel propaganda wars to strengthen personal warfare.

The account currently has 1.5 million followers. The account is mainly dedicated to transforming the roles of victims and victims, portraying Israel as an Israeli-in theory, this is a difficult task because “victims” usually do not Will violently establish its own country on other people’s land and subject legal residents to ethnic cleansing and massacre.

The destruction in Israel and the Gaza Strip is fully proportional, which means that the Israeli military is usually reduced to tweets about air strike warnings with a color map: “In the past 30 minutes, every red dot in Israel has been The alarm sounded: Israel is under attack.”

If these red dots are not fascinating enough, a tweet on May 11 encouraged Twitter users to listen to the audio clip of “SIRENS IN TEL AVIV” and “imagine hearing this sound and having a few seconds of life.” “On May 12, another tweet announced: “It is 3 am and Tel Aviv is launching more rockets. The family was awakened and rushed to the bomb shelter.”

It doesn’t matter, there is a lack of air-raid sirens or air-raid shelters in Gaza. Imagine, for example, the six-year-old Suzy Eshkuntana who killed her mother and four siblings in an Israeli airstrike and withdrew from the ruins of her home in Gaza City seven hours later. Or imagine, it’s Eman Basher, a teacher from the United Nations Relief and Engineering Agency, who tweeted on May 13: “Tonight, I let the children sleep in our bedroom. In this way, when we die , We will die together, and no one will mourn for each other’s loss.”

The entire purpose of the Israeli army is to “imagine,” but it is limited to the perspective of Israel’s invention. Another sensational video tweet titled “Imagine this is your reality” aims to show that “Israel is all in fire” through clips of rockets, flames and people running. The video tape prompts the audience to “imagine it like Washington”; “imagine it like Paris?”; “imagine it if it’s London”.

At the same time, this army continues to exert cinematic enlightenment on the Gaza Strip. It does require a lot of imagination to imagine Israel as a victim.

Sometimes the military urges the Twitter community to imagine events through so-called Palestinian views. Its video tweet on May 18 “explains that Hamas uses human shields” began: “Imagine your house is surrounded by terrorism”-for Israel, looking at flat high-rise buildings, this seems unnecessary The inhabitants of Gaza have the imagination of the buildings around them.

According to Israel’s extremely cumbersome narrative, Palestinian “terrorists” are buried in civilian areas and therefore should be condemned when Israel wipes out civilians. To be sure, the military will regularly provide rigorous evidence to support this claim, which is expected by any entity with such technical capabilities.

For example, the now deleted videotape of “Hamas’s use of human shields, explained” contains footage of Hamas rockets that Israel claims are embedded in civilian areas of Gaza. However, as Reuters reporter Raphael Satter pointed out, these shots are actually Israel’s “2018 Israel Training Exercise”! (Sutter continued to point out that the Israeli military “difficult to distinguish Hamas rockets from Israeli rockets. This fact does not inspire confidence in the quality of its intelligence.”)

A similar digital commando was killed in the State of Israel in May 2010, when the army killed eight Turkish activists and a Turkish-American on Mavi Marmara (the flagship of the fleet trying to provide aid to Gaza). According to Israeli officials, the Israeli commandos who shot their descendants from a helicopter were the real victims of this incident. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs set out to upload photos of the “weapons” allegedly found on the ship, including marbles, keffiyehs, and galleys. Knife and slingshot.

This photo of the slingshot was originally taken in February 2006, that is to say, more than four years before the airborne commando was transported to the sea area of ​​the besieged coastal enclave carrying baby incubators and medicines to brutally attack the sea commando . True, when your entire victimized narrative is a lie, what is the need for meticulous details?

Finally, if you are an Israeli army and have established an Internet connection, then you have little to argue with. If the military is responsible for publishing other current affairs news, we might hear deer attacking shotguns, snorkelers attacking sharks with their legs, chain saws stabbing chainsaws, rats eating cheese, etc.

Regarding the role of journalists in spreading Israeli propaganda (which Western corporate media has long been guilty of), it is widely believed that the Israeli military induced foreign media to report on the ground invasion of Gaza on May 13. Push Hamas fighters into tunnels for large-scale attacks.

Of course, there are other options for dealing with the media, such as the cancellation of the office in Gaza on May 15. (Imagine Washington, Paris or London.)

The Israeli army explained the attack on this 11-story building on Twitter. The attack destroyed the offices of Al Jazeera and Associated Press and many residential buildings. It was “an important base of operations for Hamas’ military intelligence.”

Even more interesting is the famous satire book “The Onion”, which calls on Israel to “burn the onion’s own international office to rubble as soon as possible,” so as not to “any Hamas workers hiding there.” The article urged Israel to “not issue any prior warnings to tenants located in these buildings” and concluded that “if carpets bombing the entire city block where our offices are located will eventually end this cycle of violence, it will be an inconvenience. please forgive.”

Now, as the Israeli army continues to wage real and digital warfare, destroying the truth in the process, it is time to reduce its narrative to rubble.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.


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