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General Motors increases its investment in autonomous driving and electric vehicles to $35 billion



General Motors has increased its designated funding for its joint investment in electric vehicles and autonomous driving between 2020 and 2025 to $35 billion.The largest US automaker originally planned to invest US$20 billion in this effort, but decided to give it a boost and Up to 27 billion U.S. dollars end of last year.Now as NBC Finance Channel According to reports, it is spending more energy to electric And driverless.

The company will use this additional investment to accelerate the production of its batteries and fuel cell technology. In addition to the two battery plants already under construction, it will also build two more battery plants in the United States, most likely to ensure that it will not encounter battery shortages when it increases production of electric vehicles. By owning its own battery factory (like Tesla’s Gigafactory), General Motors will not be dominated by third-party manufacturing partners in the future.

In the past, General Motors had stated that it planned to put 30 electric vehicles on the market by the end of 2025, and Exclusive sales Electric cars by 2035.So far, GM has launched Hummer electric car And new Chevrolet BoltAmong other models, but we will see the company reveal more information in the next few years as it continues to provide electrification for its branded cars—especially because the company said it will expand these programs with additional investment. GM did not provide any other details about its new goals.Chief Financial Officer Paul Jacobson only said that automakers “feel[s] Everything is fine [its] Project in progress. “He added: “We are actively advancing, and there are still many exciting things to do in the future. “

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