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Honda will stop production of hydrogen and plug-in hybrid Clarity



After killing Clarity EV last year, Honda will stop producing hydrogen fuel cells and plug-in hybrid models this summer, Automatic blog There are reports. According to reports, this decision was due to weak demand and Honda’s new focus on electrification. Nikkei.

Clarity fuel cell vehicles have been hampered in the United States from the beginning, with a price of $71,200, and the United States lacks hydrogen refueling infrastructure. With the end of Clarity EV, PHEV and fuel cell models, Honda currently does not produce any electric models in the United States at all.

However, the company said that by 2022, it will build enough Clarity fuel cell models for tenants and will provide support for the foreseeable future.Honda previously announced that it would release a Electric cars in 2024 It plans to sell only zero-emission electric vehicles by 2040.

These may include electric vehicles, but Honda has not given up on hydrogen energy either. Reach an agreement Cooperated with General Motors to develop fuel cell vehicles.However, most of the hydrogen in the U.S. is produced by Natural gas reformingSo the fuel is still Release of greenhouse gases Even if only water flows out of the exhaust pipe of a fuel cell vehicle.

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