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Hong Kong police raided Beijing’s latest pro-democracy newspaper “Apple Daily”



On Thursday, June 17, 2021, Luo An'an (second from right), the editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, was arrested by police in Hong Kong.

On Thursday, June 17, 2021, Luo An’an (second from right), the editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, was arrested by police in Hong Kong.
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Hong Kong police raided the office of the democratic newspaper “Apple Daily” on Thursday, arrested five executives and seized them 38 computers, According to new reports from the news media itselfThe police warned the public not to share specific articles in newspapers online, but did not actually state which articles were problematic.

Hong Kong Police Commissioner Steve Lee said that about 30 Chinese and English articles in the “Apple Daily” violated Hong Kong’s new “National Security Law”. This is a severe measure implemented by Beijing to suppress half of the Dissent from autonomous regions.

Li said that the relevant article requires other countries to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and mainland China, but he did not specify which articles he was talking about.

“We have very strong evidence that suspicious items play a very important role in the conspiracy to provide ammunition for foreign countries and institutions or organizations to impose sanctions on Hong Kong and the People’s Republic of China,” said Superintendent Li.According to the video posted on Thursday, at the press conference on Thursday Hong Kong Free Press.

Li also suggested that Hong Kong people might get into trouble sharing these articles-he did not explicitly point out again-and said that people should not “raise suspicion” by sharing them.

“Apple Daily” identified the five executives arrested, namely CEO Zhang Jianxiong, COO Yongkang Zhou, Editor-in-Chief Luo Rui’an, co-publisher Chen Peiwen, and Apple Daily Digital Operations Platform Director Zhang Zhiwei. The founder Li Zhiying was arrested as early as December 2020 and convicted of “unauthorized assembly” Democratic protestAccording to the newspaper, it was reported that the Hong Kong police seized the assets of “Apple Daily”, valued at approximately US$2.3 million equivalent in US dollars.

“Apple Daily” pointed out that “hundreds” of police officers participated in the raid, while other newspapers estimated that about 500 Hong Kong police officers were present, everything from organizing documents to checking reporters’ computers.

Any Apple Daily employees who tried to enter the building during the search were thoroughly checked and then barred from accessing their desks. According to reports, reporters were banned from broadcasting the raid. This was what Apple Daily staff did during the last raid shortly after the National Security Law was first passed in August 2020.

Since the British handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997, Hong Kong has been operating under the semi-autonomous “one country, two systems” system. Recently pushed.

For example, according to the new guidelines issued by the government, Hong Kong’s once prosperous film industry must now comply with a strict censorship system similar to that of Mainland China. last week.

Li Ka-shing, the director of the Hong Kong Security Bureau, told reporters at a press conference after the raid that those arrested in the “Apple Daily” should be avoided.

“Ordinary reporters are different. They shouldn’t get involved and keep a distance from them,” Li said, according to reports. Hong Kong Free Press“I solemnly declare here: Do not associate with these criminals who endanger national security, otherwise you will pay a heavy price. [you] Stand with these criminals, [you] Contact with these criminals should be cut off before it is too late to repent. “

Apple Daily published an article New article After the raid, he promised to continue his work and condemned the “flagrant violation of press freedom.”

The newspaper’s union said in a statement: “Although the current situation may be difficult, we will continue our work and the goal is to publish our paper tomorrow as usual.”


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