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In-app ads are coming to Oculus Quest soon



In the next few weeks, Facebook plans to begin testing the ads that Oculus Quest users will see when they play games and use apps with headphones.The first of these will appear in Braston, Resolution Games’ first-person Bullet Hell, followed by two other unnamed developers’ software, which will be launched in the next few weeks.

“Currently, this is a test of some applications,” the company said in a statement. Blog post be found edge“Once we understand the progress of this test and incorporate feedback from developers and the community, we will provide more detailed information on when ads will be available on the Oculus platform and Oculus mobile apps more widely.”


As you can see from the GIF above, you can hover the controller over the in-game ad to interact with it and save it for later review. At the same time, clicking the three-dot icon will show the option to hide the ad. Facebook stated that the introduction of advertising in the headset “will not change” its current privacy or policies. Specifically, the company specifically stated that it will not use the information stored on your Oculus Quest headset to target you with specific promotions. This includes data processed by the camera on the headset and any information you share with Oculus Move (its fitness tracking platform). The company also said that it currently has “no plans” to use mobile data to target ads.

Facebook continues to say that it is introducing in-app advertising to explore new ways to help developers generate revenue, because it wants to make VR a “self-sustaining” platform.It also pointed out that the additional income will help it produce more affordable headphones, such as $299 Oculus Quest 2.

Just like its decision last year A Facebook account is required to use Oculus hardware, Today’s announcement is likely to anger VR enthusiasts. But in many ways, when it comes to Oculus and advertising, writing has been for a while.Since 2019, Facebook has been using the data it does Collect from Oculus devices Push targeted advertisements to connected Facebook accounts, and recently it started on Eye mobile app.

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