Home WORLD Indonesian prison bans tough leaders of the organization for violating the new crown virus | Coronavirus pandemic news

Indonesian prison bans tough leaders of the organization for violating the new crown virus | Coronavirus pandemic news



Rizieq Shihab was convicted for multiple violations, including a daughter’s wedding attended by thousands.

The Indonesian court sentenced hard-line religious leader Rizieq Shihab to 8 months in prison and fined 20 million rupiah (1,400 US dollars) for his sermons and other gatherings after his return from self-return last year that violated the country’s coronavirus regulations , Attracted tens of thousands of followers. -Forced exile.

A few months after Indonesia’s imprisonment banned Rizieq’s Defenders of Islam Front (FPI) was shot by police after his followers were killed in a gun battle.

The East Jakarta Court ruled on Thursday that Rizieq urged supporters to participate in sermons and celebrate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad and his daughter’s wedding in violation of Indonesia’s health and quarantine laws. All of this has attracted thousands of people in a country that has experienced the worst COVID-19 outbreak in Southeast Asia.

“The defendant was found guilty of violating the health agreement,” Judge Suparman Nyompa said at the hearing. Rizieq was also fined for organizing an event at an Islamic boarding school in West Java.

The live broadcast of the court hearing showed that Rizick was wearing a white tunic, headscarf and face mask, holding a rosary in his hand.

He has been detained since he was released from prison December’s verdict The court said that taking into account the time he has served in prison, his prison sentence will be reduced to three months.

The other five senior FPI members were each sentenced to eight months in prison for organizing a mass gathering.

The court security of the East Jakarta Court is tight to ensure that supporters keep their distance.According to local media reports, nearly two dozen people were briefly detained [Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/Reuters]

Before the verdict, about 3,000 police officers were deployed to guard the court, but his supporters did not protest on a large scale. Local media reported that nearly two dozen people were briefly detained.

Rizieq returned to Indonesia in November after spending three years in Saudi Arabia, where he faced accusations of pornography and insulting national ideology. Both charges were subsequently dropped.

Thousands of his followers gathered at the airport to celebrate his return, and then joined the mass activities in the following days, despite regulations limiting the size of the gathering.

His legal team claimed that these cases were politically motivated and part of an effort to silence the Muslim leader with a large following.

Shihab has served sentences in the past, including for an assault by FPI members at an inter-religious gathering in 2008. He denied the latest allegations and said he might appeal.

Arrested shortly after Jakarta police shot and killed six FPI followers in highway shootout The authorities described it as an act of self-defense-the organization disputed this statement.

In recent years, FPI has political influence in Indonesia and is one of several religious hardline groups that have been staged A rally was held in 2016 to overthrow the then Christian Governor of Jakarta on charges of blasphemyThe large-scale protest against the governor has caused deep anxiety within the administration of President Joko Widodo about the perceived threat.

Indonesia banned hard-line organizations last year.


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