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Instagram adjusts algorithm after accusing Palestine censorship



Instagram is changing its app to display more viral and current affairs posts because its employees complained that users did not see pro-Palestinian content during the recent conflict in Gaza.

So far, the social media application has prioritized the original content displayed in the “Story” at the top of the user feed over the content reposted or reposted by others.

According to two people familiar with the situation and internal staff news, Instagram will now rank the original and reposted content equally, which will help posts about breaking news find a wider audience.

A spokesperson said that there has been an increase in users sharing posts about the recent conflict in Gaza, but the app’s current setup has “a greater impact than expected” on the number of people who see the post.

“The story of reposting the feed did not meet the expectations of people. This is not a good experience,” the spokesperson said. “Over time, we will give equal weight to re-shared posts, just as we do original stories.”

Instagram stated that the move was not entirely in response to the issue of pro-Palestinian content, but was considered for some time.

The spokesperson stated that the algorithm “makes people believe that we are suppressing stories about a particular topic or point of view”, but added: “We want to make it clear – that is not the case. This applies to any post that is reshared in the story, No matter what it is about.”

An employee involved said that as many as 50 employees within Facebook, the owner of Instagram, expressed concern about suppressing pro-Palestinian voices.

The employee stated that the organization has filed more than 80 appeals on content that has been reviewed by the company’s automated review system. BuzzFeed also earlier Report Regarding the existence of groups.

According to the United States, Facebook’s algorithm marked words commonly used by Palestinian users (such as “martyr” and “resistance”) as inciting violence, and deleted the relevant Azerbaijan after erroneously linking Islam’s third holiest site to a terrorist organization. A post from Kesa Mosque. Media reports.

The employee told the British “Financial Times” that they did not believe that Facebook was deliberately censored, but said that “large-scale censorship would be biased towards any marginalized group” and led to excessive execution of deleted content.

Facebook said: “We know that there are several issues that affect people’s ability to share on our app. We apologize to those who think they cannot attract attention to important events or think that this is deliberately suppressing their voices. This has never been our intention, and we don’t want to silence a particular community or viewpoint.”


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