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Instagram Reels now has ads



Instagram is launching ads for its TikTok clone Reels test They are open to users in a few countries such as India, Germany, and Australia. Similar to the ads in Stories, these will also be vertical full-screen ad breaks that appear between the reels, up to 30 seconds long. Similarly, you can skip or interact with ads by commenting, liking, saving, or sharing. Nonetheless, if you click the store button and actually buy something, most brands may prefer it. Instagram said that no matter where you view Reels, you will see ads, including Reels tags, Stories, Explore, and Feeds.


Once launched, Reels naturally compared with TikTok, which is a short video application that has become popular recently. avoid Trump’s ban in the United States. In short, this feature allows you to record and edit a 30-second multi-cut video with audio and effects.In order to get more views, Instagram moved Reels from the “Explore” tab to a dedicated section on the home screen in November as a Part of the redesign This also ushered in a Shop label.

Alas, digital advertising is Facebook’s main source of revenue, so it’s no surprise to see it put ads in more places.Earlier this year, it started testing Sticker ad In Stories on its main platform, it has also advertised on Instagram before Explore the feed.

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