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Iran’s elections: by the numbers | Election News



Of the 40 women registered as candidates, none were allowed to run for president.

Take a look at some figures explaining Iran’s upcoming presidential elections:

• Iran has more than 59 million qualified voters, and this country has a population of over 80 million

• The number of registered 7 presidential candidates approved by the Iranian Guardianship Board is 592, of which 3 later withdrew

• Of the 40 women who have been approved to run for the presidency, zero women

• Four-year term for an elected Iranian president

• Two consecutive terms is the maximum Iranian president can serve

• The country-linked Iranian student voting agency expects a 42% turnout rate, which will be the lowest point in history due to lack of enthusiasm among voters and the coronavirus pandemic

• The voter turnout rate in Iran’s last presidential election in 2017 was 73%

• The leader must win more than 50% of the vote to avoid the second round of elections-since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, there was only one vote in 2005

• Six seats in the Iranian Expert Meeting will be filled by voters, which will appoint the country’s top leader

• Six seats in the Iranian parliament will be filled by voters

• Nearly 200,000 seats in city councils and local councils across the country will also be elected by voters.


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