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Iraqi militia commander arrested under “anti-terrorism” law | International News Armed Groups News



The military said Qasim Muslih, the head of Anbar, the head of the People’s Mobilization Force, has been arrested.

According to the military, Iraqi security forces have arrested Qasim Muslih, a senior militia commander, in accordance with the country’s counter-terrorism laws.

The military statement added that Mousley was arrested early Wednesday and was investigated by the Joint Investigation Commission regarding the criminal charges against him.

Two security sources with direct knowledge of the arrest told Reuters that the leader of the militia was arrested in Baghdad for participating in multiple attacks, including the recent attack on the Al-Assad air base where the US and other international forces are located.

Muslih is the head of the Anbar Province of the People’s Mobilization Force (PMF), an organization mainly composed of Shi’ite militias backed by Iran, which the United States considers the greatest threat to the security of the Middle East.

A copy of the arrest warrant issued for Musri has been circulated on social media and has been verified by a security source that said he was arrested under the anti-terrorism law, but there is no further information.

This month, the air base was attacked by rockets and unmanned aerial surveillance systems at least four times. Many Iraqis believe this reflects tensions between the United States and Iran.

But a security source told AFP that his arrest was related to Kill two civil society activists In recent weeks.

“At dawn in Baghdad, the police intelligence department arrested Qasem Muslah, the head of Operation Mobilization Forces (Hash) in Anbar Province. He ordered the killing of Ihab al-Wazni on May 9. Another militant, Fahim al-Taie, was ordered in December 2019,” the security source said.

The source added: “Initially, we had clues about the murderers, and the verification allowed us to identify those behind the criminal activities.”

Vazni Was shot Earlier on May 9, in the holy city of Karbala, a man on a motorcycle rode a gun equipped with a silencer and rode a motorcycle outside the man’s house, bringing supporters of the protest movement to the streets and demanding to stop it. This bloodshed and official impunity.

Vazni has been criticizing Iraqi armed groups and Iran’s power in the country for many years, and protested and demonstrated in Karbala, where Tehran-supported armed groups are influential.

Since the outbreak of the protest movement in 2019, protests against government corruption and incompetence have resulted in the killing of more than 70 activists, attempted murders and kidnappings.

A security source said that after being arrested, the unidentified gunman drove near a fortified green area where foreign embassies and government buildings are located. This is a manifestation of force. The source, who asked not to be named, said that the show lasted only half an hour, and then they withdrew.

A Reuters reporter who tried to drive through the Green Zone said that the security forces did not allow him to enter and he was forced to leave, adding that there were a large number of security personnel in the area.

Another Reuters reporter said that dozens of PMF troops control an entrance to the Green Zone and no one is allowed to enter.

The Hashites quickly issued a statement promising that Mousley “will be released in the next few hours.”

Powerful paramilitary groups allied with Iran in Iraq launched attacks on US targets in the country.

Most incidents did not cause casualties, but in the early days of Joe Biden’s presidency, these incidents still exerted pressure on the US military and allies.

The Iraqi government led by Prime Minister Mostafa al-Kadhimi has competed with the United States but found it difficult to control these groups.

Last year, Iraqi security forces raided the stronghold of a powerful Iranian-backed militia in Baghdad and arrested more than a dozen members of the organization. Soon after being arrested, the unidentified gunman drove the vehicle to the government building in the Green Zone, demanding the release of the militia.

Most people were released within a few hours.


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