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Is “Crula” the future of Disney’s villain origin movie?



Emma Stone is Cruella

Emma Stone is Cruella
image: Disney

Ella (Tipper Seifert-Cleveland) was a two-tone dyed hair rebel when she was young, born to cause trouble to authority figures.Her mother Catherine (Emily Beecham) encouraged Ella to eliminate her self-proclaimed impulse Crurea And integrate into society as much as possible.

When the tragedy happened, Ella stayed on the street and grew up as a professional pickpocket. He desperately wanted to become a fashion designer. As an adult, when Ella (Emma Stone) happened to be a wealthy fashion designer The Baroness (Emma Thompson), she learned more about her past and talents than ever before.

Yes Crurea future The origin story of the Disney villain? I certainly hope not. It’s easy to see where Disney is going. They want to produce tougher content that is not necessarily suitable for children. You don’t have to draw color from everything, and you don’t have to add two hours of running time to do this, but this is the culprit of Cruella.

Emma Stone (Emma Stone) raises her acting skills up to 11 years old to make sure her speech and behavior are convincing Cruella De Vil. Her British accent is sometimes distracting, but in general, the actress is very interesting. However, the scripts of Dana Fox and Tony McNamara are the problem.

Crurea Too focused. This movie leads the audience from one plot to another in order to achieve a complete victory without giving us anything that can be locked. Imagine that if the narrative follows a line of thought, the movie may not exceed two hours. Cruella and Baroness are the only characters that see any development, the rest are forgettable props, and they gradually fade out of the background.

Should I be sorry for Cruella De Vil? What’s the point of getting sympathy when we know that she later became a socialist, a social celebrity who abused animals? Disney People who want to provide us with anti-villains, no matter how terrible they are, we can still support. This makes me think they have forgotten why fans like these villains in the first place. We love them because we hate them-they don’t need sympathy. I don’t need a reason why she hates Dalmatians! Templates quickly become boring. Not only from Disney, but also a villain.I’m over

what do I like Crurea It is Jenny Beavan’s costume design, Fiona Crombie’s production design and makeup/art design department work. Emma Stone (Emma Stone) wore Beavan’s high-level punk outfit, full of talent and jazz style. Cruella’s face was painted with “Future”, and the scene at a baroness party was a genius.

Emma Stone is Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone is Cruella De Vil
photo: Disney

Although the lighting is dim, the design is exquisite and can capture the dirty and wet feeling of London in the 1960s. Cars, buildings, fashion-spare no effort to ensure maximum authenticity. Everything fits together very well, and it looks like an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Movies need not only beautiful costumes, but also a good story-this is the missing element in the movie Crurea.

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