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Ivan Duque’s most unpopular Colombian president of all time: polls | Human Rights News



Duque has been under increasing pressure during widespread anti-government protests in recent weeks.

A new opinion poll shows that Colombia’s leader Ivan Duque has faced widespread anti-government protests in recent weeks and has become the least popular president in Colombia’s history.

A telephone survey of 1,200 people conducted by the Invamer polling agency found that 76% of respondents disapproved of the right-wing politician’s presidency, compared with 59% in February.

Tuesday’s dismal rating surpassed the 74% disapproval record previously set by conservative Andres Pastrana, who served as president from 1998 to 2002 and led the fight against left-wing fighters. The peace negotiations failed.

Since then, Duque’s popularity has plummeted Social unrest broke out At the end of April, initially over Now abandoned Tax reform plan.

A protester in Bogotá held up a sign that read in Spanish: “Get out of Duke” [File: Fernando Vergara/The Associated Press]

Since then, the protesters’ demands have expanded to include the cancellation of the proposed health care reforms, an end to widespread violence in the country, and steps to address economic inequality.

The crackdown by the security forces resulted in the death of dozens of people, although the exact death toll is still unclear. Since the anti-government demonstrations began, 43 people have been killed in the conflict.

The invader’s survey also showed that 89% of Colombians support protests sweeping the country, while 56% have a negative view of the police.

Protests have continued after the president withdrew the controversial tax reform plan [Joaquin Sarmiento/AFP]

However, 60% rejected the barriers set up by some protesters, while 61% agreed to deploy troops to combat vandalism.

Although Duke has attributed most of the armed conflict to armed groups, the suppression of protests has aroused international condemnation.

Last week, former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos (Juan Manuel Santos) urged Duque to take responsibility for the abuses committed by the police.

Santos told W Radio: “We need more gestures, we need more empathy and humility, for the country to recognize:’Look, we committed the abuse.'”


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