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Japan will send deformed robot balls to the moon



Japan is preparing an unusual robot to explore the moon-it is obviously affected by the country’s technology industry. byte report Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Join hands Cooperated with Sony, Doshisha University, and toy manufacturer Tomy to develop a spherical deforming robot for studying lunar soil. Manned rover There will be two in 2029.

The 8.8oz robot will be housed in a compact sphere, which will help the private robotics company Ispace carry the machine to the lunar lander. Once it reaches the surface, it will pop up a “complete” configuration, capturing an image of the lunar surface. JAXA says this will also make the robot useful for future tasks.

These contributions are not entirely surprising.Sony (it knows something about Rolling robot) Provides control technology for the robot, while Tomy and Doshisha help to achieve a miniaturized design. The work on the robot started with a study in 2016, but with the entry of Sony in 2019 and Doshisha in 2021, this work has been mainly consolidated.

Ispace will launch a lander and transforming robot in 2022. We don’t expect to see many such space exploration robots, but this project implies that future deformed designs will allow the lander to either carry previously impractical robots or reduce the size of the host vehicle itself.

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