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John Krasinski prepared notes for the quiet position three



John Krasinski in a quiet place

John Krasinski in a quiet place
Screenshot: Paramount Pictures

John Krasinski never thought quiet place, There will be a sequel because the actor/director doesn’t think he can achieve it.

However, when the first film was a huge success, he was able to enter the correct mental framework to write A kind Quiet place part two.When brainstorming the title of a possible sequel, Emily Blunt told her husband that his second part of the script felt like the second one Book trilogy.

At the press conference, when asked to write a sequel, Krasinski told Collider Information about writing notes to prepare for the third movie: “It’s really interesting. When I did the first one, I really didn’t think of the second one. However, I did encounter these problems during the implementation. I extinguished the fire at a long distance in the first one. Said himself: “If we were to explore the directions caused by the fires, wouldn’t it be cool? Who is on the other end of the fire? But I never thought there would be a sequel. Therefore, when I actually started writing a sequel, I started with the fire. Therefore, this time, I thought that when my brain started to wander about the meaning of the question, later, I started to write down notes just in case I could prepare for my third exam. “

Krasinski Know how to raise bets, so where will things go from here? For the third time, what new approach can he adopt in terms of world building and internal conflicts of roles? Hope we can hear more about the third movie soon.

Quiet place part two It is currently in theaters and VOD will start on July 12th. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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