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Leica’s own Leitz Phone 1 is a re-labeled Sharp Aquos R6



Following the long-term cooperation with Huawei and the recent Sharp Aquos R6, Leica finally launched its own smart phone. It was announced at a press conference in Tokyo earlier today that Leitz Phone 1 is Leica’s first self-branded phone, and it will be exclusive to SoftBank when it launches in July.

Camera manufacturers are not afraid to admit that the Leitz Phone 1 is actually a relabeled Aquos R6 (which is not a bad thing at all), the former emphasizes the “real Leica experience” until the industrial design and user interface.


The Leitz Phone 1 named after the original Leica brand has a similar design language to its iconic camera, and is equipped with a Leica red dot and a magnetic round lens cover. But the device does not have a leather back cover, but a matte black glass cover to match the “Leica Silver” metal body-the thickness is 9.5 mm and the weight is 212 mm. You can use the bundled hard case to protect the back.

Leica Leitz phone 1


Like Aquos R6, Leitz Phone 1 is equipped with a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor for its f/1.9 main camera, and a 12.6-megapixel selfie camera on the other side. Its 6.6-inch IGZO OLED display provides a sharp resolution of 2,730 x 1,260, and a 240Hz variable refresh rate inserted through black frames (to reduce motion blur; so it is actually only 120Hz).

Although you will also find the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 flagship processor and 12GB of RAM here, you will get 256GB of storage space, twice that of Aquos R6; and you can expand up to 1TB through the microSD card slot. Large-capacity 5,000mAh battery and IP68 dust/waterproof rating will continue to exist.

Leica Leitz phone 1


Leitz Phone 1 runs on Android 11 and has a “basic monochrome” user interface customized by Leica. In addition, according to the screenshots shown in today’s keynote, the interface looks very similar to native Android.

Currently, Leitz Phone 1 is exclusively sold by SoftBank of Japan, priced at 187,920 yen or about 1,700 US dollars. Pre-orders will start on June 18, and the phone will be available in late July. There is no news about international availability yet, so we will pay close attention to further announcements.

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