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Losing My Revolution: How Numerous Sources Shared On Social Media Have Been Lost?

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Social media content has grown exponentially in the current years. In this paper we discover how many sources shared in social media are still out there on the reside net or in public internet archives. Moreover, we identified a practically linear connection in between time of sharing of the resource and whatsapp tamil songs the percentage lost, with a slightly much less linear connection in between time of sharing and archiving coverage of the resource. From this model we conclude that right after the first year of publishing, nearly 11% of shared resources will be lost and immediately after that we will continue to drop .02% per day. By analyzing six distinct event-centric datasets of resources shared in social media in the period from June 2009 to March 2012, we discovered about 11% lost and 20% archived soon after just a year and an average of 27% lost and 41% archived after two and a half years. The role of social media has evolved from just narrating life events to actually shaping them.

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