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“Madden NFL 22” has exclusive features of PS5 and Xbox series game consoles



Madden Rugby 21 Including the feature share of its next-generation game consoles, and EA seems to be doing more work for follow-up actions.Publisher is freed Madden Rugby 22 On August 20th, a series of “Dynamic Game Days” will be exclusively available Game console 5 with Xbox X series/second. Only when you have a newer system will the stadium atmosphere, on-field momentum and even home court advantage change. Even the AI ​​on these consoles is more refined-it mimics the tendencies of players and teams that change with statistics.

The game is still available for PS4, Xbox One and PC players (including stadium).

No matter which platform you use, you will still get a new experience. The new single player mode The Yard includes a new campaign and progression system to share your achievements with the faces of the franchise mode. This in turn introduced a new story, a new player rating system, and the option of playing as a linebacker. At the same time, the multiplayer superstar KO mode will allow you to use real NFL teams. Madden Ultimate Team will also introduce a next-generation statistical system and halftime adjustments to the “X factor” of major players.

The shift in focus is obvious: the previous game consoles are about to be phased out. Madden NFL 22 If you have a PS5 or Xbox series game console, it is even more worth a try.Although this is not necessarily the end of the previous generation of hardware, we will not gamble on money NFL 23 Come to the old platform.

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