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Browse our intensive range of steel and HSS drill bits, which have been purposefully designed for highly efficient drilling via steel materials. These products are in sizes starting from 2mm – 20mm metal drill bits, obtainable as particular person drill bits or in drill sets. Our assortment accommodates a few of the very best drill bits for metal together with; cobalt drill bits, HSS step drills, titanium steel drill bits, turbo metallic drill bits in addition to many extra.

For gentle to medium steel drilling, we recommend our Standard metal HSS drill bits, however, for heavy-responsibility drilling our Industrial steel drill bit is healthier suited. HSS drill bits (high-pace steel) are much tougher carrying, are extra resistant to heat and are appropriate for stainless steel, plain carbon steel, bronze, brass, copper, aluminium and plastics.

If in case you have any questions resembling “which are one of the best drill bits for hardened steel?” or “which are the best drill bits for stainless steel?”, feel free to ask us on our live chat, the place we’re right here to reply your metallic bit associated questions.

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Metal/HSS Drill Bit choice chart

By matching the correct metallic or HSS drill bit to the intended utility, you’ll guarantee you’ve obtained the most effective steel drill bit for drilling tools the job, drill bits online and also maximise the life of the metallic bit. See our metallic drill bit selection chart under:

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How to pick out a Metal/HSS Drill Bit & Drilling Through Metal

Watch the video below to find out extra about the different types of drill bits for metal, and see the difference between our metal drill bits to help you in selecting the correct drill bit for drilling via metal. You will also see the simplest procedure for drilling by means of metal.

Ruwag is the ideal place to buy drill bits for metallic on-line within the UK. Drilling by means of metallic requires additional-strong drill bits which were specifically tailored for this objective. Metal bits are classed by the kind of metallic they’re product of, with the toughest bits made of cobalt and high-speed steel. Cobalt bits are able to drill by way of each kind of steel, from aluminium to copper, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Other metal drill bit sorts include customary, industrial, turbo metal, titanium, and multi-goal.

Shop Metal Drill Bits Online

Finding the correct drill on your challenge doesn’t need to be a challenge. Shop HSS drill bits on-line at Ruwag for a big assortment of drills suitable to all varieties of metallic. Our on-line steel drill bit retailer features a selection of particular person bits in addition to sets that embody bits in chosen sizes. If you have any queries concerning in which and how to use drill bits online, you can contact us at the internet site. To help you find the best drill in your challenge, our helpful selection chart compares each drill bit sort and its application. We even have video tutorials that provide more tips on drilling by metal. Enjoy fast delivery and premium high quality when you buy drill bits for metal online in the UK.

Wondering how can you tell if a drill bit is for metallic? At a glance, drill bits can look much the same. If you take a better look, there are variations between drill bits for various purposes. There are a number of methods to establish metal drill bits. The primary (and easiest) way is to browse metallic bit categories that present all steel bits in a single place. You can too search for HSS (High Speed Steel) bits that are usually used with metallic, or search for cobalt, titanium, turbo or industrial drill bits which might be also used to drill by metallic.

How do you drill via steel and cobalt drill bits what kind of drill bit do you want? Drilling by metal requires specialised drill bits that will show you how to make clean holes. These bits are additional sharp to cut via metallic smoothly and evenly. There are a few various kinds of steel drill bits, ranging from commonplace (for regular functions) to industrial (for heavy-responsibility drilling) and step bits (for sheet metal). Many multi-goal drill bits will also be used, supplied they’re suitable for metal. Once you’ve bought the fitting bit, use a rotary drill at the advisable velocity.

What color are drill bits for steel and are you able to identify bits by their color? Metal drill bits are sometimes made from HSS (High Speed Steel), with coatings of different metallic that have an effect on their performance and strength. It is these coatings that give the drill bits their completely different colours. Standard HSS bits are darker coloured, while industrial bits seem like regular steel. Others have a gold colour, which comes from their titanium nitride coating. Although color is one solution to identify steel drill bits, the best way to decide on bits is to make use of a range chart when making your choice.

Do you drill metal quick or gradual and does velocity actually have an effect on drilling? Metal is drilled with a rotary kind drill. Holes are made into the metal and although metallic drill bits are extraordinarily sharp, drill bits will wear out shortly if drilled at too a excessive velocity. To get clean, even holes, you might want to go sat the really useful velocity. Drill speed will must be reduced in tougher materials and likewise with larger diameter bits. That is the very best way to get correct holes with out the danger of inflicting uneven, messy holes. Together with premium drill bits for steel, going slow will deliver results, each time.

How do you enlarge a gap in hardened steel? Can this be carried out with a daily drill? The reply to this comes down the hardness of the steel. Obviously, hardened steel is already exhausting to drill via to make commonplace holes. Making those holes bigger might not be as straightforward as drilling the unique holes. Enlarging holes is a different course of which will require a drill press or specialised instrument corresponding to a reamer. You possibly can also take a look at first heating the original gap and then using a grinding software to enlarge a hole in hardened steel.