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“Metroid Dread” is the dark rebirth of Samus Aran



This article contains some spoilers for Metroid Legends, especially from “Metroid Fusion”, and some crazy theories about what happened in “Metroid Dread”.

Metroid Fear It may be terrible. Sometimes, Nintendo’s almighty heroine Samus Aran would shrink in a corner, praying that the robot that was hunting her would keep going. This is a strange tone for the fifth mainline game in one of Nintendo’s oldest series, which will land on the Switch in October this year.But this is a concept of Yoshio Sakamoto who has guided the Metroid series since the early days and is currently being produced. fear, Has wanted to achieve for more than 15 years.

Sakamoto came up with this idea fear In the mid-2000s, in the release Metroid Fusion, The last “suitable” Metroid game.Various leaks (even In-game reference) Pushed the game to the public eye, but it was never realized. At a press conference after the Nintendo Direct presentation on Tuesday, Sakamoto stated that this was due to a limitation related to the console at the time: “The hardware does not exist and the technical concept does not meet our vision. So we had to put it on hold. After a while, We started again, but for almost the same reason, we stopped again,” Sakamoto explained through an interpreter.

In fact, when Sakamoto first met the Spanish studio MercurySteam that was developing a new Switch game, he hoped that “they can realize my concept Metroid Fear. Instead, MercurySteam continues to develop 2017’s Metroid: Return of Sams, Expansion and transformation Metroid II, Sakamoto is the producer.After seeing the achievements of the team Sams returns, Sakamoto decided that he could cooperate with MercurySteam “towards a single concept and achieve this goal Metroid Fear. “

The demonstration of the Nintendo event was a 20-minute live broadcast of one of the early episodes of the game.It shows many elements introduced for the first time Sams returnsThe melee counterattack is back, and the Aeion’s ability to freely aim and rely on the energy meter is also back.new fear It’s a sliding action in Samus’s arsenal from the beginning, and an unlockable “Spider Magnet” ability to grab certain walls.


We’ll talk about this story later, but fear Occurred after the following events Fusion And Sams-surprise! -Investigate a maze-like underground complex with her ship on the surface of the earth. Although every Metroid game has adjusted the formula, most of the gameplay will be as you wish: explore, blast, find hidden areas, pay attention to where you need to return after gaining the necessary energy, and encounter many dead ends.

Although the game is played on a flat surface, everything is presented in 3D. I do miss the old pixel art, but the “2.5D” presentation provides a certain level of depth, fluidity and detail, which would not be practical without a modern rendering style.This is the same basic demo as the debut Sams returns, Despite the higher level, increased scene complexity and smoother frame rate. (Unfortunately, one thing that cannot be improved is Sams returns‘Excellent use of 3DS’ unique stereo display. )

In the next Nintendo game, Sams fights monsters and solves some basic environmental problems by redirecting fuel around the complex to create a way forward. Then a pixelated door appeared, and the “fear” began. As soon as Samus walks into one of these areas, he will be tracked by an “Alien Polymorphic Mobile Identifier” (EMMI) until he leaves.These robots, so far we have seen the use of noise and vision to hunt, are the main opponents fear, And they are bent on catching Sams.


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