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Microsoft shareholders seek reports on Gates’ sexual harassment business and economic news



After Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates tried to establish an improper relationship with employees, Arjuna Capital requested a report on the “effectiveness of the company’s workplace sexual harassment policy.”

Microsoft’s shareholder and activist Arjuna Capital stated that after co-founder Bill Gates tried to establish inappropriate relationships with employees and other allegations, it had proposed a resolution seeking a document on “the company’s workplace sexual harassment policy Sex” report. sexual harassment.

The organization has put pressure on large companies on issues such as gender and ethnic pay gaps. It recommends that the board of directors publish an annual report that includes the results of any investigations into allegations of executives including Gates, as well as detaining employees and leaders Measures taken at different levels. responsible for. Microsoft usually schedules its annual general meeting at the end of November or early December.

The organization wrote in the resolution: “We urge Microsoft to independently investigate and respond to these issues transparently, because sexual harassment and gender discrimination can damage shareholder value-leading to higher turnover, lower productivity, more absenteeism, and Higher sick leave costs.” Email copy to text.

Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw declined to comment on the shareholder proposal.

Microsoft President Brad Smith told Bloomberg TV this week that Gates is still an adviser to the company and has met with some employees in that capacity. If this contact can be handled properly, he will continue to play a role.

“You will see us continue to discuss important issues with Bill in appropriate ways,” Smith said.

After Gates announced that he and his wife, Melinda French Gates, were about to divorce, reports of potential misconduct by the former executive against Microsoft employees surfaced. The company said that in 2019, Gates received a complaint during his tenure on the Microsoft board of directors that he tried to establish a relationship with an employee in 2000. Microsoft’s board of directors conducted an investigation, and the company said that since Gates stepped down, the investigation was not over as the director of last year.

Smith also said that in the past two decades, Microsoft has changed a lot around issues such as sexual harassment. “Microsoft in 2021 is very different from Microsoft in 2000,” he said.


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