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Myanmar detains U.S. journalists for local news magazines



Executive editor Danny Fenster was picked up at the airport in Yangon when he was about to fly to Malaysia.

The independent “Myanmar” magazine said that Danny Finster, the executive editor of “Frontier” magazine, was imprisoned in Insein Prison after he was detained at Yangon Airport because he was about to leave international flights.

Fenster (Fenster) was born near Detroit, USA, and previously worked in Myanmar, another independent news group. He is the fourth foreign journalist detained since the military coup took power on February 1.

Freelancers from Poland Robert Bociaga and Yuki Kitazumi from JapanHe was deported after being arrested. Nathan Maung, an American citizen, was caught in a raid in his office and faced charges of “fake news” and appeared in court earlier this month.

“We don’t know why Danny is detained and has not been able to contact him since this morning,” the border reporter said in a tweet Monday night. “We are concerned about his health and call on him to be released immediately. At present, our top priority is to ensure his safety and provide him with any help he needs.”

Myanmar generals have Combating reports and online communication, And adopted increasingly cruel methods against those who continue to protest the coup. The local independent media has been ordered to close and some 80 journalists have been detained. About half of them are still in detention awaiting prosecution or trial.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) promotes freedom of the press worldwide, calling on Fenster to be released immediately and unconditionally.

Shawn Crispin, senior representative of CPJ Southeast Asia, said in a statement: “Illegal restrictions on the freedom of movement of foreign journalists are the latest serious threat to press freedom in Myanmar.”

The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand also condemned the arrest and pointed out that the border and Myanmar have now issued a “brave” original report.

The FCC said in a statement on its Facebook page: “Especially since the coup d’etat on February 1, these organizations have made valuable contributions to the world’s understanding of the recent dramatic events in Myanmar.” Or any comment or publication of the police’s worldview or morale criminalizes the law.

Fenster, 37, joined the Myanmar border in August 2020.

Detroit News Network Detroit (Dateline Detroit) is his occasional contributor. He is a news website. He said that he saw his family return to the United States on the way when he was detained.

Sonny Swe, the CEO and founder of Frontier, told CPJ through a messaging app that the US Embassy is aware of Fenster’s arrest and is handling the case. The Swedes have been in prison for eight years under a former military general for owning an independent newspaper.

Japanese journalist Yuki Kitazumi, who was detained twice in Myanmar and accused of spreading false news, was deported to Japan earlier this month. [File: Kyodo via Reuters]

Fenster’s brother Bryan said in a speech on the border of Myanmar: “We are shocked and confused about the reasons for Dan’s detention.”

“We are assured that there is no problem with his safety, but there is no doubt that we are very worried.”

The US State Department stated that it was “aware of reports of Fenster’s arrest.”

A spokesperson said: “We take seriously our responsibility to assist American citizens overseas and are monitoring the situation.” For privacy reasons, the company declined to provide more details.


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