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Myanmar’s shadow government aligns with rebels | armed group news



The Rebel Chin National Front and the National Unity Government signed an agreement to “overthrow the dictatorship” and restore federal democracy after the coup in February.

It said that Myanmar’s shadow government, which sought to reverse the February 1 coup, had joined forces with rebel groups to “destroy” military rule.

Since the military overthrew Aung San Suu Kyi and his National League for Democracy government and brutally suppressed dissidents, Myanmar has been in turmoil.

A group of deposed legislators later in “National Unity Government“It is trying to bring together anti-coup dissidents and countless national insurgents in Myanmar to form a federal army to challenge the military government.

NUG said in a statement that on Saturday, the rebellious Chin National Front signed an agreement to “overthrow the dictatorship and implement a federal democratic system” in Myanmar.

The statement added that they promised to “recognize each other” and “cooperate on an equal footing,” but did not provide more details. A CNF spokesperson could not be immediately reached for comment.

The organization-which mainly represents the Christian Chin minority in western Myanmar-signed a ceasefire agreement with the country’s army (also known as Tatmadaw) in 2015.

Opponents of the Burmese military government announced that Aung San Suu Kyi’s deposed cabinet members and major ethnic minorities will form a provisional national unity government [File: AP Photo]

In recent years, its fighters have decreased.

“CNF has no real military strength, so this move is symbolic,” Richard Horsey, senior adviser on Myanmar issues at the International Crisis Group, told AFP.

“but [it is] Nonetheless, it is important because CNF is very prominent in the peace process and because it is a highly respected political leader in exile. “

Some rebel armed groups in Myanmar condemned military coups and violence against unarmed civilians.

Some also provide shelters and even training for dissidents who fled into their territories.

Parade of the New Armed Forces

On Friday, NUG released a video that allegedly showed that the first batch of soldiers of its “People’s Defense Forces” had completed training.

The video shows about 100 soldiers marching on the muddy parade ground in the jungle. They were dressed in new camouflage uniforms and paraded behind the flags of the new troops, red and white stars. They did not carry weapons.

“This army was established by the official civilian government,” an unidentified officer said at the ceremony. “The People’s Defense Forces must ally with the people and protect them. We will fight to win this battle.”

The military authorities called NUG a crime of treason and designated it and the People’s Defense Forces as “Terrorist” organization.

The leader of the coup d’état, Senior Ji, initially, Anse Hega, proved his power generation on February 1, through the November elections held by the National United Nations Commission claiming Aung San Su Kney. Independent observers disputed claims of widespread violations.

According to data cited by the United Nations, Myanmar security forces have killed more than 800 people since the coup. More than 4,000 people have been detained.


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