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Nintendo is in a creative dilemma



Nintendo Switch Have a strong start. As soon as the game went out, the company released one game after another, each of which provided Nintendo’s iconic rest time feeling on a well-designed fantasy playground.It’s almost overwhelming-through the fantasy world The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Master the fascinating battle arms, Keep up with every pleasant Splatoon 2 Update.Soon, fans will celebrate his arrival Super Mario Odyssey In all its strange and brilliant glory.

This method of flooding the area worked. Four years later, the Switch is one of the best-selling game consoles of all time, with sales of 85 million units. But in the past year, it’s hard not to notice that the water level has dropped and fans are no longer floating on the wave of Nintendo’s knockout games.Although Nintendo is still releasing big games for the Switch – and will drop the highly anticipated sequel in 2022 Breath of the Wild——Since the beginning of 2020, many of these games have a strange dull feeling. They often fail to invite players into the fantasy playground loved by Nintendo fans.

For me, disappointment is manifested in all stages of the game life cycle.First of all, of course, there is always hype; for new Hilarus Warriors, new Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Nintendo has a deep fan collection file for reference.Nostalgia-“I Loved return to the past! “-Generated the motivation to spend $59.99 in eshop. Then, the inevitable obstacles appeared: New Pokemon SnapshotThe shallow gameplay quickly becomes monotonous.Jump in Paper Mario: King of Origami It feels bad (how!). Even if youNot like me) Sink comfortably Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘Soft Island resonates, and many fans are frustrated by its limited content updates.

In most cases, nothing can make these games a mess.There is usually something to enjoy, whether it’s a testimony New Pokemon SnapshotThe huge Meganium crosses the landscape for the first time, or visits your friend’s island Animal Crossing: New HorizonsBut in general, at least for me, Nintendo’s last year of game release can be summed up in one word: lacklustre. Despite the extraordinary combat design, Heroes of Hellaru: Age of Disasterof Mixed performance. It’s the same Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. myth The game on Switch is cute, but in the end it is still a universal role-playing game for children.

Four years have passed since the life cycle of the Switch, and we have not fallen into a drought; we are playing games. Compared to my expectations of Nintendo, they are just a bit more self-referential and a bit less holistic. The company’s secret recipe does not have a simple formula. It requires a delicate balance between polish, playfulness and nostalgia. Recently, these games have relied heavily on nostalgia while alleviating the stimulation of polishing or playfulness. Nintendo can always rely on past successes and still remain at the top of the gaming world. However, when Nintendo’s released games can inspire everyone’s imagination, not just the sentimental memories of its biggest fans, it will flourish.

On Tuesday, the company previewed some promising Switch games in a 40-minute video demonstration at E3. For a long time, most fun has been hit hardest (read: older) Nintendo fans: Advance Wars 1+2: Retraining camp, Two-dimensional Metroid game Metroid Fear, And compilation Mario partyEarly mini games Mario Party Superstar. Nintendo also announced a new Wario Software Game-an unusually weird, whimsical, well-built franchise.Of course, the highlight is the upcoming shot Breath of the Wild The sequel, it has been kept secret. It looks very good. (We also know that next year, we will get Splatoon 3 with Pokémon Legend: Arceus, A complete open world setting; in the end, we will see Metroid Prime 4 with Bayonet 3.)


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