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Not All Moods Are Produced Equal! Exploring Human Emotional States In Social Media

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Emotional states of men and women, also identified as moods, are central to the expression of thoughts, concepts and opinions, and in turn effect attitudes and behavior. Motivated by literature in psychology, we study a well-liked representation of human mood landscape, known as the ‘circumplex model’ that characterizes affective encounter through two dimensions: valence and activation. We identify much more than 200 moods frequent on Twitter, via mechanical turk studies and psychology literature sources, and report on 4 aspects of mood expression: the partnership amongst (1) moods and usage levels, such as linguistic diversity of shared content (2) moods and the social ties men and women form, (3) moods and quantity of network activity of individuals, and (4) moods and participatory patterns of men and women such as link sharing and conversational engagement. As social media tools are increasingly utilized by people to broadcast their day-to-day happenings, or to report on an external occasion of interest, understanding the wealthy ‘landscape’ of moods will enable us superior interpret and make sense of the behavior of millions of folks. Our outcomes give at-scale naturalistic assessments. Extensions of existing conceptualizations of human mood in social media contexts.

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