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Pablo Casado reveals Spain’s vision for a right-sided future



The leader of the revived center-right opposition in Spain has stated that he wants to form a “national rescue government” to carry out extensive reforms, including tax cuts, within three months of taking office.

Pablo Casado’s People’s Party (PP) ranks high in the polls. He told the Financial Times that if he wins the election due at the end of 2023, he will invite outsiders Promoting fiscal reforms and labor market reforms have simplified Spain’s decentralized management system.

In an interview, he emphasized the rebound that he described as PP on the verge of bankruptcy, and he tried to minimize factors such as past corruption and future reliance on hard-right Vox.

“When we took office, we needed a government… almost a relief to the country,” the 40-year-old said. When talking about the Italian government established by Mario Draghi this year, he added: “We need people with rich experience, including people with international experience and different political orientations; not only conservatives, but liberals. Christians and Christian Democrats, as well as the former Social Democrats… a government like Italy, but democratically elected.”

Although the Spanish parliament has more than two years remaining in office, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s socialist radical left coalition still lacks a majority and is weakened by the overwhelming victory of the People’s Party in 2007. MadridRegional elections of this month. Since then, the center-right party has been leading the national opinion survey.

Some investigations have shown that PP and Vox will occupy the majority of seats in the Spanish Parliament after the next general election-after three years, Casado’s party has always been behind the Socialist Party, which is a major change.

Casado believes that the situation in Spain after Covid-19 will increase his chances: “Even if the government is mismanaged, the crisis will strengthen the government,” he said. “The consequences will weaken them, even if they handle it properly.”

For a man who plans to leave politics when PP is in power, this is a dramatic change. pop up In the corruption scandal, he began to take office in 2018. Casado said that he had accepted a job interview with a multinational company in Paris, but he only put on his hat when his party held a leadership election in advance.Even after his unexpected victory More experienced candidate, The future of the party is bright.

He said: “I have a buddy who ranks third in all opinion polls.” “It’s slipping away.”

He said that his first task was initially to prevent the centrist Chudanos Party from overtaking the BJP. He achieved this goal with only 218,000 votes in the country’s April 2019 elections, and then unified the country’s decentralized rights.

He said: “Even if my own party says:’Casado is obsessed, he should stop trying to unify the center and follow Sanchez’.” “But I know very well that there are three [parties on the right] This is impossible. “

This task has been partially completed, and in the recent elections, Ciudadanos’ votes fell sharply. Casado said he is now focusing on making practical recommendations to Spanish voters, rather than making arrangements with other parties.

“We must arrive [in power] And approved all reforms within three months. “He said plans to cut income and corporate taxes, abolish inheritance taxes, and reform severance payments to increase the flexibility of the labor market and adjust Spain’s regional government system.

But opinion polls show that the PP government will need the support of Vox MPs to form a government.

Casado said: “My intention is to rule alone.” “PP is not part of Vox’s prevention… It can determine whether it has only one more seat than Sanchez.”

When asked if he answered yes or no, he did not answer. Vaux It is a Democratic Party. The hard right-wing group marked the Sanchez government as its worst year in 80 years, which shows that it prefers the fascist regime of 1939-75, Francisco Franco.

Casado said that the corruption scandal that fueled PP’s withdrawal from politics three years ago was behind the scenes. He said: “If the party makes me a leader, it will be the past.”

However, several court cases are still pending, including one investigating whether officials of the Ministry of the Interior used the police to illegally confiscate evidence of corruption. This year, Casado sold the party’s headquarters because of a corruption case that occurred more than a decade ago. The focus of the case was to fund its renovation.

Ask him if he believes that former PP prime minister Mariano Rajoy (Mariano Rajoy) knew about the “black accounts” run by the former party Financial Officer, He said: “In the end, we decided not to talk about this topic anymore,” he pointed out that the issue had been submitted to the court.

At the same time, these allegations have gradually faded into a political background. PP may also pay dividends due to the public’s strong opposition to the Sanchez government’s expectations forgive The prison of Catalan segregationists.

But Casado faces major obstacles. Unless Sanchez calls for an early general election, the parliament cannot be dissolved before the end of the 2023 term.

The Sanchez government wants the EU’s coronavirus Recycling fund , Especially the 70 billion euro grants provided to Spain in the next three years will help promote economic recovery and increase its wealth.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Socialism, Carmen Calvo (Carmen Calvo) also stated that Casado was Isabel Diaz AyusoThe blunt regional PP leader who won the Madrid election will not be able to replicate her success.

Casado himself was dissatisfied that he wanted to attribute his momentum to the outcome of the Madrid Conference. He believed that this was not the “cause but the result” of his party’s advancement.

He said: “The political cycle in Spain has changed significantly and we are ready to govern.” “I don’t know if it will happen in the next 12 months, but I think it will happen soon.”


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